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World Vision's Campaign for Every Child

The For Every Child campaign is the most far-reaching endeavor in World Vision’s history. Our goals are ambitious and the impact we hope to make would transform the lives of a generation of children.

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A look at child labor inside a garment factory
Jun 12, 2015

A look at child labor inside a garment factory

Bithi is one of the thousands of Bangladeshi children piecing together designer jeans that she’ll never be able to afford.

A father’s heart transforms
Jun 8, 2015

A father’s heart transforms

Lucio and his family were once caught in poverty. But through agricultural training and a fatherhood program, Lucio’s heart and mind were opened to new ways of thinking. Lucio says, "We started thinking about other people and helping other people.”

Video: Stories of Syria’s Lost Generation
Jun 3, 2015

Video: Stories of Syria’s Lost Generation

Amid shattered dreams and broken hearts in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, refugee children like Ali, Hassan, Nour, Marie, and Ayat share their stories of survival, loss, pain, and hardship.

Severe drought returns to Somalia
Jun 3, 2015

Severe drought returns to Somalia

Suffering people tell World Vision staff, “This is the worst drought we have ever seen.”

Dirty water kills seven children in one family
May 13, 2015

Dirty water kills seven children in one family

In rural Niger, one man's family suffered from the community's dirty water source. 

JD Scott of HGTV is conquering Mount Kilimanjaro to fight child slavery
May 20, 2015

JD Scott of HGTV is conquering Mount Kilimanjaro to fight child slavery

On the Kili Climb 4 Kids, JD Scott and others are traveling to Tanzania and summit Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, to raise awareness about global child slavery.

The violence in South Sudan's Unity State has left thousands dead, hundreds of thousands displaced, of these are thousands of children afflicted by the violence. At the Kenya’s Kakuma refugee camp, an estimated 5,000 children had arrived by mid-January. PHOTO: World Vision / Lucy Murunga
May 11, 2015

More than 10,000 children face malnutrition as aid agencies forced to withdraw staff in South Sudan

World Vision has been forced to stop its life-saving interventions, including nutrition programs for children and distribution of blankets, sleeping mats, hygiene products, shelter materials, and mosquito nets, because of ongoing violence in South Sudan's Unity State.

Videos: Responding to the Nepal earthquake
May 8, 2015

Videos: Responding to the Nepal earthquake

Watch some of our videos from Nepal to understand the enormity of the need after the disaster and learn more about how we are helping children and communities.


Fact Sheets and Extras


To change the lives of 6 million children and their families by 2016 by providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene. World Vision is leading the largest rural water project underway in Africa today.


World Vision seeks to help over 1 million children experience greater well-being as their families earn more income and increase their assets. Our goal is to create over 300,000 jobs through the provision of basic financial and business services like savings, micro-loans, and enhanced market knowledge.

For Every Child: HEALTH (PDF)

To save the lives of over nine million children and families by providing timely, basic, cost-effective interventions like treated bed nets, vaccinations, and childbirth supplies will dramatically reduce maternal and infant/young child deaths.


World Vision seeks to provide spiritual nurture for millions of people, including children, helping them know the transformative love of Christ.


World Vision seeks to protect the world’s most vulnerable children from trafficking and abuse. This campaign will prevent, protect, and restore children through programs that reach over 1.2 million people around the world.

THE KILLER GAP (Infographic)

Thousands of children die every day after falling through the cracks created by the great health gap.

Evaluating the effectiveness of Child-Friendly Spaces: Goma field study report (LINK)

Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) is an intervention frequently used by humanitarian agencies for supporting and protecting children in emergencies. Leading agencies are collaboratively developing standards and guidelines for CFS while strengthening the evidence base through a joint agenda for learning and research.