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World Vision's Campaign for Every Child

The For Every Child campaign is the most far-reaching endeavor in World Vision’s history. Our goals are ambitious and the impact we hope to make would transform the lives of a generation of children.

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Video: The fight to defeat malaria
Apr 23, 2015

Video: The fight to defeat malaria

World Malaria Day, April 25, is a time to celebrate the progress made in defeating this preventable, treatable disease, while recognizing the work that remains to save children, families, and communities from needless suffering and death.

World Vision hosts congressional seminar on tackling world’s hunger through farmers
Apr 15, 2015

World Vision hosts congressional seminar on tackling world’s hunger through farmers

Bringing together congressional staffers, USAID, and development experts from as far away as Zimbabwe; World Vision hosted a special event explaining how U.S. funding translates into long-term change for some of the world’s most vulnerable.

FAQs: Fragile states and the global burden of poverty
Apr 20, 2015

In the margins: Fragile states and the future of extreme poverty

Not many people have heard of fragile states — but they are considered ground zero for the future of extreme poverty. Our fragile states expert, Jonathan Papoulidis, answers questions about how country fragility affects children in poverty who are living in the margins and how countries can overcome these challenges.

School children in Sierra Leone return to school Tuesday. This photo, taken last year, captures a group of friends in the classroom. PHOTO: Jonathan Bundu / World Vision
Apr 14, 2015

As nearly 2 million children return to school in Ebola-stricken Sierra Leone, psychosocial support will be crucial, says World Vision

School children in Ebola-plagued Sierra Leone return to school Tuesday after a nine-month hiatus, but some may be burdened by more than books and backpacks as they head to class.

Babson logo
Apr 8, 2015

Babson’s Lewis Institute to award social entrepreneurs from Partners in Health and Channels of Hope

The Lewis Institute at Babson College will include World Vision’s Channels of Hope team among its winners of the 2015 Social Innovator Awards.

For Afghan moms and babies, mobile team brings healthcare, hope
Mar 31, 2015

For Afghan moms and babies, mobile team brings healthcare, hope

“[World Vision staff] are trying to start a new chapter in our life and make it possible for us to taste a healthy life," Zohra, an Afghan mother says.

Mar 31, 2015

Innovative therapeutic food revives newborn suffering from worms and malnutrition

It takes two hours on a bumpy road to get to Ayien Amiol Health Clinic in South Sudan’s Warrup state, where Nyayiik Bol and her son are receiving medical care. She's had stomach pain since she was pregnant, and he suffers from malnutrition and worms. World Vision is helping by setting up this health clinic to treat them and 700 others in their area.

Mar 31, 2015

Community volunteers bring comfort and support to HIV- or AIDS- afflicted neighbors

Domingos Danca spends his days and nights lying outside on a mat covered by a rotten mosquito net, his body too weak to even walk around his home in the Morrumbala district in north-central Mozambique. The 60-year-old is HIV-positive, but because of a World Vision care giver, he's getting treatment and support.


Fact Sheets and Extras


To change the lives of 6 million children and their families by 2016 by providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene. World Vision is leading the largest rural water project underway in Africa today.


World Vision seeks to help over 1 million children experience greater well-being as their families earn more income and increase their assets. Our goal is to create over 300,000 jobs through the provision of basic financial and business services like savings, micro-loans, and enhanced market knowledge.

For Every Child: HEALTH (PDF)

To save the lives of over nine million children and families by providing timely, basic, cost-effective interventions like treated bed nets, vaccinations, and childbirth supplies will dramatically reduce maternal and infant/young child deaths.


World Vision seeks to provide spiritual nurture for millions of people, including children, helping them know the transformative love of Christ.


World Vision seeks to protect the world’s most vulnerable children from trafficking and abuse. This campaign will prevent, protect, and restore children through programs that reach over 1.2 million people around the world.

THE KILLER GAP (Infographic)

Thousands of children die every day after falling through the cracks created by the great health gap.

Evaluating the effectiveness of Child-Friendly Spaces: Goma field study report (LINK)

Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) is an intervention frequently used by humanitarian agencies for supporting and protecting children in emergencies. Leading agencies are collaboratively developing standards and guidelines for CFS while strengthening the evidence base through a joint agenda for learning and research.