World Vision
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More than 1 billion people live on less than a dollar a day. These children and families are all too familiar with poverty. It has robbed them of hope and threatens to steal their future.

By helping a child living in such extreme poverty we can enable them to experience the fullness of life God offers. Join World Vision and sponsors all over the world as we seek to bring compassion and justice to the world's poorest people. Sponsor a child today.
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How Sponsorship Works

What is child sponsorship?

Sponsorship is a one-to-one relationship between you and the special child you choose. The child will know your name, write to you and benefit from your love and prayers.

For only about $1 a day, you will provide a child with critical resources such as:

  • Clean Water
  • Nutritious food
  • Health care
  • Education

How does sponsorship work?

Your support for your sponsored child is added to that of other people who sponsor children in the same community. Your support enables World Vision to provide benefits such as education, health care, and supplemental food for the children. In most areas, sponsorship support is also used to make sustainable improvements that will help the entire community. This may include digging clean water wells, providing agricultural assistance, vocational training for adults and teens and much more.

What do I receive as a child sponsor?

We will send you our Welcome Kit that includes photos of your sponsored child, information about his/her family and community, and details on how he or she will benefit from sponsorship. Then throughout the year, you will receive updates and helpful points on how to get the most of your child sponsorship.

Will I get to know my sponsored child?

Yes! Through letter writing and progress reports you will have the chance to build a relationship with your sponsored child.

Who is World Vision?

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. World Vision provides hope and assistance to approximately 100 million people in nearly 100 countries. In 2007, 86 percent of World Vision's total revenue was designated for programs that benefit children, families, and communities in need.