Sponsorship is the most effective way to change a child's world through benefits such as:

My name is {{child.firstName}}

I'm a {{child.age}}-year-old {{child.gender | gender}} from {{child.country}}, and you can change my world for good!

Make me part of your family, and help me reach my God-given potential. $35 a month can help transform my community and change my world.

This is my world in {{child.country}}

My community is struggling with the HIV AIDS crisis.

Many children have lost their parents.

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World Vision brings access to quality education

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What kind of family did you grow up with?

{{child.birthday | convertDate | date:'MMMM d' | childBirthday}}.

I'll be {{child.age | nextAge}} this year!

Every year we have a birthday party for all children in my community!

This is where I live!

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World Vision is helping parents become better providers for their families

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Playing helps me to just be a child

Sponsorship can be the most impactful

$35 you give each month

Find out why

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I'd love to be part of your family

Help change my world in {{child.country}} by choosing to be my sponsor and my friend!

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