Sponsorship is the most effective way to change a child's world through benefits such as:

Sponsor a child and change a child’s world for good.

My name is {{child.firstName}}

I'm a {{child.age}}-year-old {{child.gender | gender}} from {{child.country}}, and you can change my world for good!

Make me part of your family, and help me reach my God-given potential. $39 a month can help transform my community and change my world.

This is my world in {{child.country}}

My community is struggling with the HIV AIDS crisis.

Many children have lost their parents.

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World Vision brings access to quality education

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What kind of family did you grow up with?

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I'll be {{child.age | nextAge}} this year!

Every year we have a birthday party for all children in my community!

This is where I live!

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World Vision is helping parents become better providers for their families

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Playing helps me to just be a child

Sponsorship can be the most impactful

$39 you give each month

Find out why

How Sponsorship Works Video

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Selvin's Story

It really works

Watch Selvin's Story

This sponsored child in Honduras talks about the changes he's already seen in his community since World Vision came.

Megan's Story

Sponsorship changed this family

Watch Megan's Story

See how sponsorship has affected her family and grown their capacity to love and care for the poor in Jesus' name.

I'd love to be part of your family

Help change my world in {{child.country}} by choosing to be my sponsor and my friend!

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