Hillsong United and World Vision Partner to Serve Syrian Refugees During Upcoming “Empires” Tour

Columbia, S.C., (July 15, 2016) — As Hillsong United prepares to launch the third leg of its “Empires” tour Monday in South Carolina, the globally renowned Australian worship band will announce a new partnership with World Vision with a goal to help the Christian humanitarian organization serve two million children and families affected by the Syrian refugee crisis through 2017.

Members of the band, some of whom recently visited Syrian refugees in Lebanon, expressed shock at the depth of the needs in the region, which continues to suffer after five years of brutal conflict in Syria.

“We have been to the poorest of poor places – the slums of India, the favelas of Brazil and the projects of the Philippines. But never have we been to a place that seemed so hopeless,” said band member Joel Houston. “The people we met were sportspeople, doctors, professionals, leaving a developed country and now have nothing. The numbers seem overwhelming, but we feel compelled to do something. World Vision is doing amazing work with refugees and we’re so pleased to partner with them.”

Through the partnership, millions of Hillsong fans will have the opportunity to partner themselves with World Vision to help refugees in great need, both in Syria and around the world.

“Working with Hillsong United is an honor,” said Blake Monroe who manages the partnership with Hillsong for World Vision. “Their compassion for those in need – and their passion to tell the stories of those who are hurting – is overwhelming. We’re grateful for the tangible comfort and relief that so many Syrian children and families will receive thanks to Hillsong and their fans.”

Nearly 12 million people have had to flee their homes as a result of the conflict in Syria. Some 13.5 million are in need of humanitarian assistance. For more information on the Syrian crisis and World Vision’s work with refugees, visit: /wv/news/Syria-war-refugee-crisis-FAQ

Hillsong’s “Empires” Tour begins July 18 in Columbia, S.C. and ends July 30 in Chicago. For more information on the tour, visit: http://hillsong.com/tours/

To donate to World Vision’s work with refugees through the Hillsong partnership, visit: www.worldvision.org/hillsongunited

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About World Vision:
World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization conducting relief, development, and advocacy activities in its work with children, families, and their communities in nearly 100 countries to help them reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. For more information, please visit www.WorldVision.org/media-center/ or on Twitter @WorldVisionUSA.


  • World Vision and Hillsong United to partner in effort to serve Syrian refugees
  • World Vision aims to reach 2 million children and adults affected by the crisis through 2017
  • The next leg of Hillsong United’s “Empires” tour begins July 18 in Columbia, S.C.