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World Vision's Campaign for Every Child

The For Every Child campaign is the most far-reaching endeavor in World Vision’s history. Our goals are ambitious and the impact we hope to make would transform the lives of a generation of children.

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A cross stands on a steep hillside above Zahlé, overlooking the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, where more than a million Syrian refugees have found shelter. Informal Tent Settlements dot the valley below.
Mar 10, 2016

Christians unite in prayer for refugees at fifth anniversary of Syrian conflict

As next week marks the end of five years of conflict in Syria, Christian organizations representing a diversity of practice and tradition are participating in a prayer campaign called #prayforrefugees, uniting Christians around central biblical beliefs about refugees.

Child receiving water
Feb 23, 2016

Water Now 2016 social media voice tops 203 Million people in support of UN World Water Day

With the support of Sesame Street, Pharrell Williams, Pitbull, Jason Derulo, Meghan Trainor, Patricia Heaton, Pentatonix, Joel Osteen, Debbie Macomber and more, the social media campaign will promote the life-saving work of World Vision water.

Join the Global 6K for water.
Jan 12, 2016

Host a Global 6K for water in your community

Anna Burton of Georgia decided not only to lace up her shoes and run a 6K with Team World Vision but also to host a race at the college where she works. You could join her in providing clean water for children in Africa!

Jan 12, 2016

Medicine needed to help children heal

A health center worker in Burundi can’t keep his shelves fully stocked to treat all the people who need his help. World Vision has recently started working in the area. 

Malawi: Cholera outbreak threatens children’s lives
Jan 8, 2016

Malawi: Cholera outbreak threatens children’s lives

A cholera outbreak is spreading through Malawi, threatening a population that's already plagued by food shortages.

Video: First snowfall for Syrian refugees in Lebanon
Jan 6, 2016

Video: First snowfall for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

The start of the new year brought freezing temperatures and the first snowfall of winter to Syrian refugees living in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley.

Weekly humanitarian news brief: January 4
Jan 4, 2016

Weekly humanitarian news brief: January 4

This week's humanitarian news brief includes Iraqis displaced by fighting, global hunger stemming from harsh El Niño season, Guinea declared Ebola free, and elections in CAR.

World Vision celebrates the end of Ebola in Sierra Leone.
Dec 31, 2015

World Vision celebrates end of Ebola in Sierra Leone

World Vision celebrates the end of Ebola in Sierra Leone. 


Fact Sheets and Extras


To change the lives of 6 million children and their families by 2016 by providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene. World Vision is leading the largest rural water project underway in Africa today.


World Vision seeks to help over 1 million children experience greater well-being as their families earn more income and increase their assets. Our goal is to create over 300,000 jobs through the provision of basic financial and business services like savings, micro-loans, and enhanced market knowledge.

For Every Child: HEALTH (PDF)

To save the lives of over nine million children and families by providing timely, basic, cost-effective interventions like treated bed nets, vaccinations, and childbirth supplies will dramatically reduce maternal and infant/young child deaths.


World Vision seeks to provide spiritual nurture for millions of people, including children, helping them know the transformative love of Christ.


World Vision seeks to protect the world’s most vulnerable children from trafficking and abuse. This campaign will prevent, protect, and restore children through programs that reach over 1.2 million people around the world.

THE KILLER GAP (Infographic)

Thousands of children die every day after falling through the cracks created by the great health gap.

Evaluating the effectiveness of Child-Friendly Spaces: Goma field study report (LINK)

Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) is an intervention frequently used by humanitarian agencies for supporting and protecting children in emergencies. Leading agencies are collaboratively developing standards and guidelines for CFS while strengthening the evidence base through a joint agenda for learning and research.