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Father’s Day gift ideas that pay it forward

Father's Day: If your dad already seems to have everything, you might be looking for something different for Father's Day — a gift with lasting significance.

Buying a tie for Father’s Day? One word of advice: Don’t.

What does dad really want for Father’s Day? This annual question always proves to be a head-scratcher, especially since dads never quite seem to get the same level of public recognition as moms historically have.

Consider this: Mother’s Day started in 1914. Father’s Day only became official in 1972. And in 2017, consumers planned to spend more than $23.6 billion on moms, compared to $14.3 billion for dads.


Father’s Day gifts that pay it forward

Gifts for dad typically include tech gadgets, sporting event tickets, dinners, and yes, even underwear and the dreaded tie. Maybe this is the year we take it to the next level for dear old dad.

If he already seems to have everything, you might be looking for something different — a gift with lasting significance.

Is your father the type who naturally seeks to care for others? You can honor him with a gift that pays it forward:

  • Pick one of our Gift Catalog’s 10 most popular gifts — clean water, life-saving medicines, or a goat and two chickens for a family in a developing country. These gifts will show you’ve learned valuable life lessons from a caring dad, and they’ll make a difference in the life of a family in need. We’ll send your dad a card, too.
  • Help support a father and his family by sponsoring a child: There’s no better way to recognize your dad’s influence on your life than to give a child the food, water, healthcare, and education they need. You and your dad can also influence this special child’s life for good by sending cards and photos as you build a relationship through the years.
  • Make a donation to be used where most needed. Your dad and you will know this gift is as timely as the daily news.

By honoring your dad this way, you’ll send a powerful message about the compassionate person he raised you to be. And this will be a Father’s Day he won’t forget.


Remember dads around the world on Father’s Day

Pray for fathers around the world, especially those in developing countries who struggle to care for their families though they desperately want to.

Lord, we lift up dads around the world this Father’s Day. May they look to You in times of hardship. Encourage and equip them in their daily lives to be a father like You — loving, compassionate, nurturing, patient, and a protector for their family. Empower them to be a force for good change in their families and communities.

Father's Day gift ideas that pay it forward (hint: it's not a tie)

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