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Mother’s Day gift ideas that pay it forward

Looking for awesome Mother’s Day gift ideas? Maybe even a gift for charity? If you’re wondering what to get your mom, you’ve found the right place. You won’t find any flowers, chocolate, or candles on this list! (Nothing against those, either!)

What do you get for the mom who already has everything she needs? Here’s an idea: Give your mom a Mother’s Day gift that represents her generosity and helpfulness. Some of these gifts help empower moms in developing countries to take care of their children. Some gifts help protect and care for children in need. All of these gift ideas will honor your mom and pay it forward (while giving back)!

Mother’s Day charitable gifts that pay it forward

For moms who’d appreciate a beautiful handcrafted gift:

  • Select a gift — jewelry, scarves, housewares, and more — AND meet critical needs today and tomorrow. Help people rebuild in the wake of disasters and empower entire communities to lift themselves out of poverty. Equip kids and families to thrive with reliable access to basics like clean water, nutrition, healthcare, education, and more. Purchase a handcrafted gift that benefits the World Vision Fund >

For mothers who were creative in how to get you to eat your vegetables, but always made sure you had enough to eat:

  • No child should have to wonder where their next meal will come from. Thanks to public grants, your gift to help ensure kids are fed will multiply seven times in impact! Donate to the Hunger Relief Fund >

For moms who took care of you when you were sick:

  • Imagine not having access to basic medicines, supplies, and information. Your gift will multiply three times in impact to help support kids’ health with essential medical and nutrition resources for them and their moms. Give to the Child Health and Nutrition Fund >

For moms who always made you feel loved:

  • Every child is a gift from God and should feel safe and loved. You can help protect kids in your mom’s name through specialized preventive and restorative programs, giving them hope for a better tomorrow. And thanks to grants, your gifts will multiply four times in impact! Give to the Child Protection Fund >

For the mom who values a good education:

  • Help break the cycle of poverty by supporting education for children in low-income countries. Give education >
  • Children who learn the arts do better in school. Provide things like musical instruments, art supplies, instruction, and more for children in extreme poverty. Give art and music >

For moms who love gardening:

  • Help a struggling family with what they need to grow their own nutritious food — tools, drought-resistant seeds, and training in improved farming methods. Give tools, seeds, and training >

For moms who like to sew:

  • A sewing machine can be the doorway to a better life for a struggling woman or girl in countries like Kenya or Bangladesh. Give a sewing machine >

For new moms (and those who talk about how hard it was when you were a baby):

  • The first weeks of a newborn’s life are the most critical and can be very stressful. You can help save young lives by giving a new mother life-saving infant care training and essential things like a bassinet, cloth diapers, blankets, a container for clean water, and soap. Donate a New Mother and Baby Kit >

Money a little tight right now?

  • Our best advice is to not only write your mom a heartfelt note but also write a note for another hardworking mom — your mom’s friend, a neighbor, or a mom you know is going through a hard time right now. When money’s tight, words of encouragement can be free-flowing!

Pray for moms around the world on Mother’s Day

So many moms want to give a better life to their kids. Pray for mothers around the world, especially moms in developing countries who want their children to grow up healthy and thriving.

May God encourage and equip moms around the world to be loving, compassionate, nurturing, and patient. May God empower mothers with the resources to be forces for good and change agents in their families and communities.

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