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Global 6K for Water prep: What you need to know

Team World Vision members participate in the 2016 Global 6K for water. ©2016 Gameface Media/used with permission

World Vision’s Global 6K for Water is Saturday, May 4. You signed up. (Or are thinking about it — what are you waiting for? Sign up now!) Are you ready? Can you get ready?

Maybe you’ve been too busy to get out there and pound the pavement. Maybe you’ve never participated in a walk, run, or race fundraiser before. Whatever it is, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Here’s what you need to know to prepare well for your Global 6K and have a blast as you help bring clean water to children around the world.

How to train when you don’t like training

Of course, you don’t have to be a runner to participate in the Global 6K or to bring clean water to families in need.

But if you’re up for the challenge, a few basic tips can take you a long way. All it takes to get started is that first step out your front door.

Watch this video for inspiration, then download this guide to continue feeding your soul until the Global 6K for Water May 4. If you’d like to go deeper personally or engage fellow participants in your church family, check out this pre-event devotional guide. At the end, it offers a suggested playlist for your training journey and during the event.

And to educate yourself on what your participation means to children and families around the world, spend a few minutes here.

If you’re looking to connect with other participants, find group training runs in your area.

Before running for miles — if you’re planning on running — get used to walking and getting in shape. When you’re comfortable, start jogging. From there, stick to the training plan, follow the run/walk ratios, and you’ll be ready for your 6K.

Here’s what you need to know to prepare well for the Global 6K for Water on May 6.
Pastor Thad Spring, 46, and his wife, Jerilynn Spring, 45, both of Muskegon, Michigan, run together on a path on their church grounds in January. They both ran in the Team World Vision Global 6K here in March 2016 and plan to participate again this year. (©2017 Genesis Photo Agency/photo by Todd McInturf)

How to fundraise when you’re scared to fundraise

Asking for money is scary. But you’re asking your friends and family to participate with you in doing something extraordinary and beyond yourself: bringing clean, safe water to communities for generations. Here are the basic steps to make it a little less scary:

  • Set an example: When people see that you donated, it shows you have skin in the game.
  • Make a list: Write a list of 20 to 50 people you will invite to give.
  • Be direct and bold: Ask people face-to-face.
  • Follow up: Sometimes folks need a simple reminder.
  • Share: Social media is a good way to share your journey and seek support. Use #6Kforwater to share your journey.
  • Don’t quit: Not everyone will give. That’s okay. Carry on, be tenacious, and don’t give up.

See the full list of basic steps, and take it further with these sample emails and photos.

Participating is better together

Even if you do all these things, your preparation and race day will be more fun and enjoyable if you partner with someone else. Find a friend, loved one, or mentor to train with, and invite them to do the Global 6K for Water with you.

And if you still need a little kick of inspiration to get you out the door, read these dynamic stories from other participants featured in our Team World Vision Hall of Awesome.

We’ll go farther together!

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Participants cheer during the 2018 Global 6K for Water May 19 in Placerville, California.
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Global 6K participants walk for water

844 million people around the world don't have access to clean water; that's more than 1 of every 10 people around the world. Join us in prayer for children and families who are thirsty and lack this most basic necessity.

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