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This 6K race is good for business

If you want a unique, fun, and impactful way to support your corporate social responsibility strategy, look no further than World Vision’s Global 6K for Water — an annual event that invites participants to bring clean water to those in need by walking or running six kilometers.

Why 6K? It’s the average distance women and kids in the developing world walk for water every day. Whether you host your own Global 6K or sponsor one, it can help elevate your brand, engage your employees, and change the lives of women and children by freeing them from a life spent collecting dirty water.

What began in 2015 as a national event with 1,400 participants has grown steadily year over year. In 2018, 48,000 participants at 930 locations in 30 countries helped bring clean water to more than 63,000 people, with 53 businesses of varying sizes — including international corporations — partnering with World Vision to make the event a success.

86 percent of consumers believe that companies should take a stand for social issues.

— “Brands & Stands: Social Purpose is the New Black,” Shelton Group, 2018

How the Global 6K can benefit your business

By hosting the Global 6K for Water, you can:

  • Unite your employees with a healthy team-building activity
  • Engage your community around a good cause
  • Elevate your brand in the eyes of stakeholders
  • Promote your company’s wellness strategy
  • Boost visibility in key markets
  • Achieve your CSR targets

In 2018, the Global 6K for Water generated 789 million total media impressions, including traditional earned media, influencer engagement, PSAs, and paid ads.

What business owners are saying

“We hosted our first World Vision Global 6K last year in Edinburg, TX, and it was a success. Over 180 participants plus several local businesses came out to join this amazing event to raise funds and awareness for those needing clean water around the world.”

— Lani Dolifka, President & CEO, Watermill Express

“We say our mission is to save water locally and change lives globally … Monday through Friday life can be hard and chaotic. This is a chance not to think about the pressures of work, but instead to think, ‘Hey, we’re making a difference in the world.’”

— Tom Hutchison, Chairman & CEO, HOH Water Technology

“Having our president show his passion for the Global 6K for Water inspired our locations and employees from around the world to rally to be part of something together … . Our company encourages people to give back to their communities, whether it’s in their backyard or halfway across the world.”

—Allison Smith, Well Specialist, Magna Exteriors

78 percent of Americans believe companies must do more than just make money; they must positively impact society as well.

— 2018 Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study

How to get involved

Choose from two great ways to benefit your company through the Global 6K: hosting or sponsoring.

As a host, you’ll organize your own 6K for Water. We make it easy! Reach out to your World Vision representative or register online to create a custom participant sign-up page. We’ll send our turnkey event kit for hosting a successful 6K, including everything you’ll need to engage your employees, customers, and community.

As a sponsor, you’ll reach a targeted audience at the World Vision host sites in Seattle and Chicago. Contact your representative or email [email protected] to get more information or get started. Depending on your sponsorship level, you’ll take advantage of benefits like logo placement, branding privileges, marketing and PR support, and stage time on race day.

87% of Americans will purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about.

— 2017 Cone Communications CSR Study

Benefit your business. Influence your world.

Partner today with World Vision through the Global 6K for Water, and help transform lives on May 4. However you participate, you’ll engage employees and customers, elevate your brand, and change lives worldwide.

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