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Transformational CSR programs can change your company — and the world — for good

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Now that millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, corporations are looking for ways to attract and retain them as employees. The picture is becoming clear: data shows workers want to belong to companies committed to positive impact through corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices. A full three-quarters of millennials say they consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work. And the same number would prefer to work for a socially responsible company — even if it means less pay.

An increasing number of companies are rising to the challenge by engaging in CSR initiatives like employee directed giving and paid volunteer days. A recent Gallup shows that these efforts are working: Employee engagement is at 34 percent, it’s highest since Gallup began measuring the national figure in 2000. So how can companies maintain this success and even increase employee engagement to a new level? The answer is simple: Transformational engagement.

Transformational Engagement

Where traditional corporate social responsibility activities focus primarily on outcome, transformational engagement focuses on outcome plus relationships. When employees are invited to participate together in CSR efforts through volunteering, fundraising, and even planning and raising awareness of a CSR cause, they build relationships that can transform their outlook entirely. Sometimes its as simple coworkers from different offices or divisions meeting each other for the first time while giving back. Or team members getting to meet the people they volunteered to help, experiencing the gratitude firsthand.

When employees see the impact they’re making together, they take part in a shared story. Then excitement grows and engagement deepens. And the effect is multiplied when, instead of coordinating one-off volunteer projects, a company partners with an organization for a sustained relationship over time.

World Vision: Bringing Transformational Engagement to Your Company

World Vision is committed to bringing transformational engagement to corporations —the kind of opportunities that rally people to meaningful work and create a culture of storytelling for those shared experiences.

When we say your involvement and influence will change your company from the inside out, we believe it. And the best part is you’ll help kids and families change their lives, too! Here are a few ways your company can partner with World Vision to get the transformation started:

  • Global 6K for Water – Unite your employees, engage your community, and elevate your brand by helping bring clean water to families around the world who need it most. Host a Global 6K for Water to give participants the opportunity to have fun while doing good. Or become an annual national sponsor for the event and receive significant exposure in U.S. markets.
  • Kit Build events – Enhance your team meeting or conference with a World Vision Kit Build event. Inspire your employees while they assemble kits or fill backpacks with supplies that children and families can use to stay healthy, clean, and safe. Then return the kits to World Vision to go where they’re needed most, or connect in an even more personal way by delivering them to families at a school, shelter, or other organization in your own community.
  • Volunteering at a warehouse – Donate time to help sort and prepare product donations for distribution around the world. Sign up your team to volunteer at one of World Vision’s warehouse locations throughout the United States and be transformed as you get to know World Vision staff and partners that make our work possible.

Ready to invite your employees into a transformational story of shared engagement and impact? Explore your options today, and feel free to ask questions by calling 1.866.859.5437 or emailing [email protected]. We’re looking forward to partnering with you!

Employee Engagement

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