Women helping women through Curves Fitness

As an owner, Sharon Gentry is committed to making a difference in her community.

Sharon Gentry, owner of Curves Fitness in Federal Way, WA, began her partnership with World Vision in 1994 through child sponsorship. She has appreciated the work that World Vision has done for years and decided to do more through corporate partnership.

Sharon bought Curves with the goal of making a difference in her community. She’s working to bring women together to develop physical fitness and greater wellness; which includes helping others. Sharon believed her members would welcome the opportunity to help other women and their children through World Vision.

“There are a lot of organizations that do good work,” she says, “but I know World Vision is actually making a difference.”

Sharon launched a donor drive to help provide Women’s Hope Kits, beautiful cosmetic bags full of essential personal care items, to vulnerable women in need of support.

During the drive she held a special promotion and donated a Hope Kit with each new gym membership sold. As a result of her members generosity they were then honored to help build and donate 50 Women’s Hope Kits to their community.

For Sharon, the Kit Building event was a “a beautiful way to do a ‘hands on’ event to help [my members] to reach their health goals and engage in the community.”

This is just the beginning for Sharon who desires to help more children and families. She strongly believes that health is about more than just physical strength. This partnership helps her encourage her members to think of others and helps her engage more fully with people in her community building a platform for stronger relationships.