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Soapbox is changing lives—one bar at a time

“World Vision is an excellent partner. Working with them helps us to save lives!”
Cecilia Tran, Impact Manager at Soapbox

When COVID-19 hit, hair and body care retailer, Soapbox, began looking for a strong partner to distribute their soap to people in need. World Vision’s health and hygiene work made them the perfect fit.

“At our core, we seek to provide lifesaving soap to vulnerable communities who might otherwise not have access to basic hygiene products,” says Cecilia Tran, Impact Manager at Soapbox. “World Vision has helped us to do this by being the distribution partner for our soap.”

From the beginning, Soapbox’s mission has been to provide one bar of soap for every product purchase. Each product has a “Hope Code” that allows customers to go online and learn about the specific project that their purchase benefited. To date, Soapbox has donated 10 million bars of soap globally—and impacted more than 3 million lives!

In this time of crisis, Soapbox has provided soap donations for World Vision’s emergency family hygiene kits, which will be distributed within the United States.

“World Vision has long been invested in providing health and hygiene access to vulnerable populations worldwide,” says Cecilia. “We always seek to partner with organizations who have a deep understanding of this issue from a public health standpoint. Additionally, we are deeply impressed by World Vision’s distribution networks and logistics team. Their help ensures that our soap goes to populations we set out to serve.”

Soapbox is excited to continue—and deepen—their partnership with World Vision. “World Vision is an excellent partner,” says Cecilia. “Not only are they responsive and professional, but they do their work with a great deal of intention. Working with them helps us to save lives!”

Does your company want to do more good in the world—like Soapbox? It’s easy. Simply partner with World Vision today!

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