Cardinal Health & World Vision partner to bring medical products to places of poverty

World Vision’s health and nutrition work around the world focuses on providing access to quality healthcare in the most impoverished communities. Delivering innovative, effective, and community-driven health programs is one of our core competencies.

Our work in the health sector is strengthened by our holistic community development model, which tackles the root causes of poverty by addressing its multiple causes — lack of clean water, sanitation, and hygiene; food and agriculture; education and literacy; health and nutrition; and economic development — in partnership with the communities in which we work.

Donated medical products are a vital part of World Vision’s health strategy. World Vision’s best-in-class supply chain capabilities enable us to take Cardinal Health product “the last mile” and deliver these desperately-needed items into the hands of health workers in the most remote regions on earth.

Health clinics and rural health posts may have little to no access to running water, electricity, or paved roads — but because of donors who care, they have access to quality medical products, ensuring that they can provide for their communities.

Alongside World Vision and other donor companies, Cardinal Health is improving health and changing the lives of children and families in these “last mile” communities.

Whenever possible, donations are integrated into existing health services, avoiding duplication and inefficiencies and improving local capacity, impact, and sustainability.

In more developed settings, World Vision provides appropriate Cardinal Health products that are used in district hospitals and larger referral hospitals. This makes it possible for the hospitals to continue serving a large volume of patients with limited resources from local governments or other national sources.

In many instances, donations from Cardinal Health have enabled hospitals to stay open when they otherwise would have closed their doors.

Cardinal Health product donations play a critical role in achieving World Vision’s goal of helping all children enjoy good health.

World Vision addresses community health in an integrated manner, using components of our holistic model as sustainable preventative strategies together with treatment for ill health.

By coming alongside World Vision to address the health needs in communities, Cardinal Health plays an integral role in sustainable development, giving children and families the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Do you have top-quality product that can help change the lives of children in need? Consider partnering with World Vision!