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7 ways to empower women and girls

Empowering women and girls stands as a fundamental goal in shaping our world’s future. At World Vision, guided by our Christian faith, we’ve taken a leading role in championing gender equality for decades. Our dedication to this cause is deeply ingrained in our work because we believe that when women and girls are granted equal access and opportunities, it positively impacts everyone involved.

International Women’s Day on March 8 and International Day of the Girl on October 11 serve as powerful reminders of the ongoing endeavors needed to ensure the empowerment of women and girls worldwide. Here are seven impactful ways you can contribute to empowering women and girls for lasting change.

1. Ensuring clean water access for better lives.

Did you know girls and women around the world spend 200 million hours each day collecting water that is often dirty and dangerous to their health? You can help transform lives by providing access to clean water. Join World Vision’s Global 6K for Water® on May 18, 2024, or participate in fundraising for clean water with a Team World Vision event

2. Supporting girls and women in crisis.

Millions of girls face abuse, child labor, trafficking, and other offenses. Your support equips local teams in protecting girls and women by offering training, education, counseling, medical care, and more in breaking gender-based violence cycles.

Help every girl and woman feel valued.

3. Mentoring for local impact.

Your community needs your influence. Volunteer with organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters to become a mentor for a girl in need. Your guidance can help shape her future and inspire change close to home.

A woman stands in front of a handloom, her hands resting on fabric threads as a young girl looks on.
Albina (right) watches as her mother, Premlata, weaves in their shop at home. A small business loan helped Premlata jumpstart her weaving business after economic setbacks due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19. ”During the pandemic, our savings were used up and we didn’t have money to buy materials for weaving. So, the loan was very beneficial to start all over again,” says Premlata, who has since repaid the loan and continues to generate income from her weaving profits. (© 2022 World Vision/photo by Jim Wungramyao Kasom)

4. Empowering female entrepreneurs.

Change lives through World Vision microloans. Help dedicated female entrepreneurs establish successful businesses with small loans. By supporting these women, you fuel economic growth and empowerment on a global scale. Your donation’s impact can keep multiplying too!

5. Advocating for education.

Support the Keeping Girls in School Act to empower girls around the world through quality education. When girls stay in school, they get more and better opportunities, they’re able to improve their health and family well-being, and they get to participate in a more equitable society for everyone.

A woman smiles while confidently holding the brim of her hardhat at a construction zone.
Eunice Zimba is a civil engineer and the only woman on World Vision’s engineering team in Zambia. She’s redefining possibilities in a male-dominated field, from construction sites to leadership roles. As she breaks barriers, she hopes to build dreams by inspiring girls to believe in equality and innovation. “World Vision has given me an opportunity to have an impact on young girls as I move around in the remote parts of the country. At times, my work involves the construction of schools or rehabilitating classroom blocks, so I get to interact with young girls. I … encourage them to venture into this field so that we change the mindset that these jobs are only reserved for the male folk,” she says. (© 2023 World Vision/photo by Tisa Banda)

6. Help new moms for healthy starts.

The first 1,000 days of a child’s life — from conception to age 2 — are the most critical. You can help save young lives by giving a new mother essential things like a bassinet, cloth diapers, blankets, a container for clean water, and soap. Closer to home, connect with local volunteer opportunities that support new mothers and families. Your involvement can help create a nurturing environment that ensures healthier starts for both moms and their children.

7. Expressing care and gratitude.

Encouragement begins at home. Show your appreciation to the girls and women in your life. A thank-you note, a helping hand, or a heartfelt conversation can make a world of difference.

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