, it's easy to send Easter wishes this year!

Thank you for finding us here. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to take requests for sending an Easter greeting card to your sponsored child.


Hearing from you will mean the world to

Easter is coming! Here’s a quick and easy way to share the hope of Jesus’ resurrection with

Send an Easter card today!

's Easter card

You can send a special Easter card for that includes the story of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection.

Greeting cards encourage children

Share your faith and the message of Jesus’ resurrection with your sponsored child by sending a personalized Easter card. See the hope and happiness gifts give children.

I feel happy whenever I receive a card, it shows me that the sender cares for me much.
As my sponsor has sent me this card, I do pray for them to be safe in these times so they may send me another card.

— Innocent, 12 years old, Burundi

I want to thank my sponsor for sending me this beautiful card.
I was so excited when my teacher told me that I had a card from my sponsor.

— Lin, 10 years old, Vietnam

The way you write is so special, my friend, I do not know how to express my gratitude for you.
Thank you for giving me a present of a positive feeling and thank you for caring for me in every moment life brings.

— Elhame, 7 years old, Albania

Easter cards offer hope and support community growth. They empower our children and their families.

You can send your sponsored child an Easter card with an encouraging message.

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A life-giving word of encouragement can do wonders to restore joy to the heart. —

Proverbs 12:25 (TPT)

Frequently asked questions

How do Easter cards help empower my sponsored child and community?

Easter cards help your sponsored child learn about God’s love for them. They’ll experience the bright, colorful pictures and practice reading words and scripture. And because it comes from you, they’ll be reminded how much you care – which offers hope and joy this Easter. When children are empowered to see their God-given potential and get sustainable access to essentials like clean water, food, education, healthcare, and more – the whole community benefits by overcoming poverty for good.

How does my community gift help?

Your community gift in any amount will provide help and hope to struggling families in your sponsored child’s community by accelerating important projects aimed at meeting their critical needs.

How Is my Special Gift used to help my child’s family and community?

Your monthly donations and prayers for your sponsored child are such a generous gift! But what if you’d like to give a little extra so your child can enjoy a special surprise? In most sponsorship countries, you can give a Special Gift above and beyond your regular donation to provide extra things your child and their family need. Please note that all Special Gift donations must be a minimum of $100. To help ensure your gift goes as far as possible to help meet your sponsored child and their family’s unique needs, each Special Gift must be $100-$200. 25% of all gifts under $200 and any amount over $200 will go to help your child’s community.

Based on the needs of your sponsored child, our local staff will take your child and their family shopping to select things like school supplies, clothing, livestock, or something else they could really use. The entire community also can benefit from gifts like agricultural tools, building supplies, support for a local school or clinic, or a water tank.

Can I see a copy of the Easter card?

Yes, click here to see the Easter card. Preview Easter card

What will the message say to my sponsored child on my behalf?

The message to your sponsored child reads:

Dear 1
Happy Easter from my family to yours! I hope you enjoy this special card that tells the resurrection story of Jesus. I hope you are doing well. Have a happy Easter. 

Blessings from the United States!

Will my extra gift appear on my giving statement?

Yes, any additional gifts you give will appear on your giving statement!

Can you tell me more about the shipping and handling?

Your extra gift of $9 helps cover the cost of overseas delivery of the Easter card.

How does my gift to feed hungry and malnourished children help?

Your gift helps ensure kids get the nutrition they need by addressing emergency food security and helping families grow their own sustainable food with seeds, tools, and training.