4 ways to
empower girls

Girls in poverty face more obstacles simply because they’re born female. Join our commitment to empower girls around the world.

Because when girls are empowered, everyone wins.

1. Understand the challenges girls face.

Girls face challenges both in the U.S. and in developing areas. Understanding what they experience helps the girls in your world feel supported and seen as they deal with issues like gender inequality, bullying, financial insecurity, and more. In fact, gender-based violence has recently been called the “Shadow Pandemic” by the United Nations, and it isn’t just affecting girls in developing countries.

These obstacles can hold girls back from growing into who God created them to be. But you can help remove barriers by reaching out to your local representative to advocate on behalf of girls both locally and globally so that the world can be a better place for girls.

Addyson, USA
Rifa, Bangladesh

2. Give girls in your world opportunities to grow.

Encourage her to take on a mix of activities she loves to do and some that make her stretch. If she loves being active, encourage her in a favorite sport and then challenge her to do something outside her comfort zone, like drama or music lessons. This is a great way to help her develop multiple skills and passions that can inspire her to see more possibilities in her future. For an older girl, ask her to learn five new skills of her choosing. When she completes all five, celebrate her success!

Girls Who Dared to Dream

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Read 10 inspiring short stories of real girls who faced adversity and dared to dream. They spoke up, stood tall, tried again, and found another way.

These stories are for the dreamers, the curious, and the brave. Be careful … reading them might change you too!

3. Encourage her to love who God created her to be.

It’s easy to compare ourselves to others, especially with the prevalence of social media. The Child Mind Institute released a report in 2017 that found kids and teens who use social media heavily are 27% more likely to suffer from depression and other mental health issues than those who don’t — a good reminder of why it’s important to talk about social media and plan for a healthy amount of screen time. Plus, always reminding her about what she has to offer the world helps when comparison tries to steal her joy.

Lenny, Philippines
Nahomy, Honduras

4. Help amplify her voice.

She needs a space to feel safe to talk about things that make her sad, angry, frustrated, and even excited. This helps validate her opinions and emotions — and goes a long way toward her feeling confident to speak up in the future. Show her that you care about what she cares about. Whether it’s showing up to her recital or sending an encouraging text on a big test day, think of the girls in your life and how you can cheer them on.

Empower girls in your world with this free activity guide!

Challenge the girls in your world as you learn about other girls who dared to dream. This 10-week activity guide is designed to build up and inspire girls to take action and create a world of change.

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