Why World Vision is in Niger

Niger has endured significant political and social crises along with extreme climate challenges this past year. Violence in many areas has delayed support from reaching vulnerable families.

After an overthrown presidential election in 2023, various sanctions complicated an already suffering economy, weakened by COVID-19 and effects from the war in Ukraine. Niger is dealing with a steep increase to the cost of living as well as increased difficulty in accessing essential goods and services for many communities. These challenges are leading to complications with population displacement, school closures, agricultural barriers, and refugee crises.

In response, World Vision has continued equipping communities in Niger while many other organizations had to suspend operations or funding. The ability to adapt and resource operations through alternative sources of funding has aided our reputation in the area and has allowed further collaboration with local partners to support the well-being of Nigerian communities.

We never give up on people

World Vision child sponsorship looks at all the things that prevent children from surviving and thriving in their community, and then works with that community to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together to build a better life for all children. For sponsors, it’s a personal way to show God’s love to a child in need in a life-changing way.

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Prayer Requests from Niger

World Vision's staff in Niger are asking us to join them in prayer for the following:

  • For the restoration of peace, particularly in the surrounding countries where violence and instability are common.


  • For the democratic presidential transition to carry forward, that the government would establish strong and stable institutions.


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