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Conflict in South Sudan

In 2011, South Sudan become the world's newest country, after an historic vote for independence. Today, the country is struggling with a series of conflicts that have displaced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes.

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Mar 31, 2015

Innovative therapeutic food revives newborn suffering from worms and malnutrition

It takes two hours on a bumpy road to get to Ayien Amiol Health Clinic in South Sudan’s Warrup state, where Nyayiik Bol and her son are receiving medical care. She's had stomach pain since she was pregnant, and he suffers from malnutrition and worms. World Vision is helping by setting up this health clinic to treat them and 700 others in their area.

South Sudan: Former child soldiers released, long road to recovery begins
Feb 12, 2015

South Sudan: Former child soldiers released, long road to recovery begins

An estimated 3,000 child soldiers are expected to be released by a rebel group in South Sudan in the coming month. These children must undergo a complex rehabilitation process in order to recover from the horrors they have experience.


A World Vision staff member listens to children during a focus group in South Sudan. PHOTO: Melany Markham / World Vision
Jan 29, 2015

Release of former child soldiers in South Sudan is just the beginning, says World Vision

Former child soldiers, like the 3,000 to be released in South Sudan, have a long way to go in their recovery. Supporting them at every stage will be vital, says World Vision child protection experts.

These three children are among tens of thousands internally displaced by the conflict in South Sudan. PHOTO: World Vision / Melany Markham
Dec 5, 2014

Children in South Sudan face another Christmas far from home

Children in South Sudan face another Christmas far from home.

World Vision International President Kevin Jenkins visits with Veronica, a mother of five, and her youngest child, Joseph Kyanowok. PHOTO: Nigel Marsh / World Vision
Oct 15, 2014

South Sudan escapes official famine, but even without a name hunger still kills

South Sudan’s food insecurity crisis hasn’t worsened to the point of famine, but the threat still looms large with meager crops potentially only delaying life-threatening hunger.

Refugees collect water in Malakal, South Sudan. PHOTO: Abraham Nhial Wei / World Vision
Oct 14, 2014

From crisis to catastrophe: South Sudan’s man-made crisis – and how the world must act now to prevent catastrophe in 2015

A group of leading aid agencies, including World Vision, warned today that parts of South Sudan — already the world’s worse food crisis — could fall into famine early next year if the nine-month long conflict escalates as expected.

Refugees in South Sudan take shelter at the UN compound, after violence has driven them from home. PHOTO: James East / World Vision
Jul 8, 2014

Aid effort to avert South Sudan famine in jeopardy

A group of seven major international aid agencies said they face a shortfall of excess of $92 million just when the South Sudan humanitarian crisis edges closer to the risk of famine.

FAQs: Conflict in South Sudan and the risks to children
Jun 17, 2014

FAQs: Conflict in South Sudan and the risks to children

Conflict in South Sudan has created a hunger crisis, leaving one-third of the population in need of immediate aid. Children are most at risk for malnutrition, and they’re also susceptible to armed recruitment and disease. Read our FAQs to learn more.


Fact Sheets and Extras

Where World Vision is working in South Sudan (map - PDF)

This map of South Sudan shows World Vision project locations.

Report: "Pawns of Politics" (2nd edition, PDF)

A World Vision report on children, conflict, and peace in Northern Uganda.

Joint Report: "Rescuing the Peace in Southern Sudan" (PDF)

A joint NGO briefing paper detailing how if the people of southern Sudan are to have hope for the future, they urgently need development and protection from violence. Sudan faces many interlocking challenges, but if the international community acts now, they are surmountable.

An open letter to the participants of the UN meeting on Sudan (PDF)

An open letter by five NGOs urging that the international community must not lose sight of the range of humanitarian and development challenges across Sudan.

HuffPo Live VIDEO: The truth behind South Sudan's children, stricken by one year of war

The Huffington Post's Josh Zepps talks with Jessica Bousquette, a child protection expert with World Vision, and lead author of a World Vision report on the impact on children of war in South Sudan.

The World Post: How the world's newest country went from hope to horror in one year (LINK)

Hopes had been sky high when, after decades of war, South Sudan won independence from Sudan in 2011. International observers hoped South Sudan would use its vast untapped resources to emerge from the ravages of war. But the dream has unravelled with dramatic speed. One year on, the International Red Cross is warning that South Sudan risks becoming "yet another forgotten state."

Huffington Post Impact: Children in South Sudan face another Christmas far from home (LINK)

There are very few safe places for children like Elizabeth. She and others we spoke to said that they live in fear every day, even on a Protection of Civilian site with UN peacekeepers present. World Vision wanted to hear more from children like Elizabeth who are caught in the midst of this conflict to learn how it's affected their lives. So we spoke with over 150 children who, like Elizabeth, have dreams for the future.