Covering the world in prayer: Pray for the Middle East

Pray for the Middle East — for Syrians displaced by war, maternal and child health in Afghanistan, and that more children can go to school in Pakistan.

Please pray for the Middle East. World Vision works in Lebanon, Jordan, and Afghanistan and is responding to the crises in Syria and Iraq.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.—1 Peter 5:7 (NIV)

Pray for displaced and traumatized Syrian children.

The Syrian people have suffered through more than seven years of war. The conflict has killed hundreds of thousands of people, devastated homes and livelihoods, and displaced 6.1 million within the country. The younger generation is on the verge of being lost to bitterness and illiteracy as the war has deprived displaced and refugee children of education, secure homes, and family ties.

Jesus, we trust in Your unfailing love. We pray specifically that you will protect children exposed to unimaginable violence. Bring about opportunities for them to learn and study. Strengthen their bonds with family and friends to maintain steady relationships at this crucial time.  

Pray for Syrian refugees and host communities.

More than 3.5 million Syrians have fled the war to Turkey; more than 1 million have fled to Lebanon; more than 658,000 are in Jordan; and others have fled to Iraq, Egypt, and elsewhere. The influx of people with few or no resources has severely stressed infrastructure and increased tensions between refugees and host communities. Schools and basic social services are at their breaking point as they try to accommodate the growing population.

Heavenly Father, bless host communities as they show compassion and hospitality to Syrian refugees. Also, give them grace and patience, and keep their hearts soft as they deal with the challenges of a drastically increased population.

Pray for maternal and child health in Afghanistan.

About 94,000 Afghan children younger than 5 died in 2015 alone. Nearly 60% of the remaining children that age are malnourished. World Vision trains midwives to provide skilled assistance during pregnancy and birth, helping reduce maternal and newborn deaths. We also equip health workers to train community members on disease prevention, hygiene, and improving nutrition through methods like exclusive breastfeeding.

Lord, the numbers are overwhelming. Yet, we know You desire every person to experience life in all its fullness (John 10:10). Please equip even more midwives and skilled medical workers so mothers can feed their families well and raise their children in good health.

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