Q&A: Sadie Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’

Sadie Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" is ready to shine bright this Christmas with World Vision.

Sadie Robertson has had a busy year of speaking engagements, but as part of the “Duck Dynasty” family, she’s really looking forward to heading home for Christmas, which is a three-day festivity for the Robertsons.

“Our family is hilarious at Christmas,” Sadie says. “We have the most fun traditions!”

Sadie spoke with World Vision about why she’s excited for Christmas and why she’s partnering with us this Giving Tuesday.

What are you most looking forward to about Christmas this year?

I love Christmastime. Who doesn’t? Now that I don’t live at home, I feel like it’s even more special because it’s a time I get to spend with my incredible family. I think after this crazy year, Christmas is going to be the best yet by getting to be home.

How do you cut through the hustle and bustle of the season to experience God more deeply?

Christmas literally is God’s holiday, so to miss him at Christmas, you’re missing the true meaning. You have to know that every season, he is in it, and there is a new side of him to see. That keeps me expectantly seeking him.

Sadie Robertson of "Duck Dynasty"
Photo courtesy of Sadie Robertson

How would you encourage others to shine bright by showing God’s love this Christmas season?

I would encourage you to keep your eyes open to how you can be a blessing, and then take action based on what you see. See this Christmas season as a time to love others.

Why is it important to you to team up with World Vision for Giving Tuesday?

It is incredible for such a big group of people to intentionally give to people in need and for corporations to support. I love when there is unity for the better of the world in any capacity.

What aspects of World Vision’s work are you most passionate about and why?

Going on trips around the world, I see the need for help in the eyes of beautiful, passionate kids, and so I love to team up with anyone who is bringing hope to those little eyes. World Vision is beautiful, and I cannot wait to see many more kids sponsored with hope restored for their future. In order to make World Vision grow and kids all around the world have hope restored, we need each other.

This Giving Tuesday, Nov. 27, give a gift to World Vision, and Thirty-One Gifts will match your gift in product donation, up to $2 million.

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