Wrapping children in prayer: Pray for children living in chaos

Sponsored boy Jean de Dieu (right) plays with his brother with the toys sent by his sponsor.

It’s true that fragile contexts — like the complex situations in Syria, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and elsewhere — destabilize children’s lives. This overwhelming truth can keep even the most compassionate Christian from engaging on this pervasive issue.

But we believe in God, whose love and character is unchanging. This puts us on solid ground when we turn to him in prayer for children who are suffering and vulnerable in these chaotic environments.

Pray that children’s needs are met

Lord, unstable regions don’t have enough food, clean water, or shelter for everyone. This puts children at risk of severe malnutrition and stunting from chronic hunger and in danger from illness and exposure. In your love, see to it that children’s basic needs are met so they grow up healthy and strong. Amen.

Pray that peace comes to regions caught in violence

Father God, your Word tells us about “shalom” — a term that most closely translates to our word for “peace.” It connotes a world the way you intended it, with people living in peace as well as whole in body, mind, soul, and spirit. In your mercy, grant regions in turmoil your “shalom” for the sake of the children who are suffering. Amen.

Pray that children are protected

Lord Jesus, children in fragile circumstances are vulnerable to the injustices of an indifferent world and to the people who seek to exploit them. We ask that you show your goodness by protecting them from evil in the world. Be their Shield and Defender. Amen.

Pray that governments function well

Sovereign Lord, your Word says in Proverbs 29:4 (NIV), “By justice a king gives a country stability, but those who are greedy for bribes tear it down.” Fragile contexts are places where governments are precarious or involved in unchecked corruption. We ask you to change these circumstances, so children can live in safety and know their leaders are looking out for their welfare. Amen.

Pray that children’s hope for the future is restored

Father in heaven, children’s opportunities are so limited when their educations are cut short. We ask that you help their dreams to attend school become a reality. Move governments and willing hearts to fund school facilities, teachers, books, and learning materials. We ask this of the God for whom nothing is impossible, believing you will provide for these children so that their hope for a better future is restored. Amen.

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