RingCentral Employees Answer the Call for Hurricane Relief

The RingCentral community was ready. The em­ployees had always wanted to give back to the community, and RingCentral’s partnership with World Vision made that possible.

This partnership was at the forefront of the company’s second annual “Connect Cen­tral” conference, which attracted 1,600 registrants. Since the conference opened shortly after Hurricane Harvey struck the Gulf Coast, RingCentral saw a perfect opportunity to leverage their conference in making a difference.

The chain of events leading to a multi-level partnership began with RingCentral reaching out to World Vision — a RingCentral customer — to request that World Vision’s CIO deliver a keynote address about how the organization uses communication technology to fundraise for and respond to major disasters. Through that connection, conference organizers decided to invite participants to assemble hygiene kits for families affected by the hurricane.

RingCentral employees, partners, customers, and special guests assembled more than 300 “Hurricane Kits” during the two-and-a-half-day conference. RingCentral employees also participated in a giving fund for World Vision’s response to Hurricane Harvey, which was further incentivized with a corporate match for each dollar donated.

Irene Yam, RingCentral’s Director of Customer Engage­ment, appreciates World Vision’s community development model which provides a full solution to the hardships poverty inflicts on children. Understanding that her money is going to provide clean water, education, and health care, Irene says “We at RingCentral have been very impressed with not only the international support, but how World Vision supports local agencies and has a Dallas distribution center that quickly could support the families of West Texas”.

Interested in giving to World Vision’s disaster relief programs? Visit the World Vision Emergency Relief Fund to learn more and donate today!

Looking for a way to engage your employees and give back at the same time? Add a World Vision Kit Build to your next event.