The Gift of Mobility

Spin’s Commitment to Making a Positive Difference

In many countries, young girls and boys have to walk for hours to reach the nearest school. Unfortunately, the children often drop out as parents feel their time would be better spent working and supplementing the family’s income. Spin, which operates a dockless scooter-sharing service throughout the Unites States, is seeking to change all that with their generous gift-in-kind donation of bikes.

Originally, Spin launched its stationless mobility program in Seattle with dockless bicycle sharing. However, they soon shifted their focus to scooter-sharing. With a fleet of bicycles about to be retired, they soon saw the benefits of partnering with World Vision to make an impact around the world.

“At Spin, we are always grateful for opportunities to collaborate with great partners,” says Euwyn Poon, President and Co-founder of Spin. “We are committed to making a positive difference in cities in the U.S. and around the world. We believe the freedom to move creates new opportunities.”

For vulnerable children living in remote villages, a bicycle can definitely create new opportunities and change their future. A much quicker mode of transportation, bicycles enable children to spend far less time traveling to and from school—and ensure they get home in time to help their families with work.

“As a company, we are making an impact in America by creating another viable mode of transportation and a solution for first-and-last mile trips,” states Poon. “And now, partnering with World Vision enables us to make a difference on an international scale by sending bikes to underprivileged kids overseas.”

Gift-in-kind donations can alter the course of a child’s life and provide the opportunity for a brighter future. And the process is quite simple. “The World Vision staff have been incredibly helpful, understanding, and efficient,” notes Poon. “They are a great partner and made the donation process seamless. They coordinated all the pickups and shipments of the bicycles and made it really easy for us to be part of the work that they do.”

The end result has far exceeded Spin’s expectations. “Together, we were able to provide 64 pallets of bikes across the U.S. and around the world—and a steady means of transportation to communities in need. This is the only time we’ve partnered with World Vision, but we hope to have more opportunities to collaborate in the future.”

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