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SEATTLE, WA — With the start of a new school year right around the corner, Yoobi, a school and office supplies retailer, is helping students get the tools they need to succeed.

Yoobi was built on a “YOU BUY, YOOBI GIVES” promise with a mission to ensure that their school supplies make it to kids that need them most. “For every item we sell, we donate a school supply item to a child in need, right here in the U.S. We believe that school supplies should be available to every child in every classroom, and teachers should not have to spend their hard-earned money to make that happen,” says Justin Wolff, Chief Giving Officer at Yoobi.

Yoobi has provided over 4.2 million kids in the U.S. with free sets of school supplies. That equates to more than 2,500 kids being supplied every single day.

For over five years, Yoobi has worked closely with World Vision through the Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) to ensure that their donated school supplies reached kids and schools that demonstrated the highest need in the United States. World Vision’s relational network of local schools around the country enables the distribution of essential learning supplies across multiple states and dozens of cities to elementary schools where at least 70% of the students qualify for free and reduced-price meals.

“World Vision works where help is needed most. They have developed local relationships that over time, have built incredible trust within communities,” says Wolff.

During this high-need time for back-to-school essentials, Amazon shoppers can purchase Yoobi school supplies on World Vision’s Amazon Charity List, which will all be donated to schools and students in need around the U.S.

To select World Vision as your Amazon Charity List and donate Yoobi school supplies Click Here.

In addition, when customers use their AmazonSmile account, 0.5% of the purchase price will be donated to World Vision, and this includes all Charity List purchases. Each donation through AmazonSmile helps children and families in need. To learn more and sign-up Click Here.

Product Donation

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