Comfortable socks for people in need

Two entrepreneurs on a mission to help the homeless.

Bombas exists to help support the homeless community in the United States. David Heath and Randy Goldberg launched the company in 2013, after learning that socks are the #1 most requested clothing item in homeless shelters across the country.

For every clothing item purchased, Bombas donates a specially-designed item to someone in need. To date, the company has donated over 25 million pairs of socks to the homeless community.

“As we continue to donate more pairs of socks, we have to rely more and more on our bigger Giving Partners,” says Sam Ravetz, Sr Community Partner Manager at Bombas.

“Thanks to our partnership with World Vision, who received 750,500 pairs of socks in just one shipment this past July, we can rest assured that the socks are reaching the feet of those who need them most.”

With over 2,000 corporate partnerships,  the Community & Giving Team initially wondered if their partnership would be carefully tended to by World Vision. They’ve been pleasantly surprised and delighted to find that World Vision consistently takes the time to focus on the goals of their company and figure out how to best achieve them through the partnership.

“Ensuring that each pair [of socks] gets into the hands—and on the feet—of those in need is our most important, and increasingly hardest, challenge as we continue to grow,” says David.

“We’ve worked closely with their team to learn more about their processes, how they vet those looking to receive their product, and how they constantly follow-up with their partners to make sure their needs are being met. World Vision helps our team sleep easier at night.”