Adventurer Manufacturing

Adventurer Manufacturing is an experience driven company that has been building adventure vehicles, most recently in Yakima, Washington, for over 50 years. In 1969, Erdman Epp envisioned a company that fostered good business ethics and has worked diligently to ensure their employees have opportunities at work to give back to communities in need. That commitment to social responsibility remains evident in their practices today.

“To us, corporate social responsibility goes beyond our business model and relates more to how we do business, which is through the art of meaningful impact,” says Claudia Healey, Brand Communications Coordinator.

Nearly 25 years ago, the Adventurer Group, a collection of RV companies to which Adventurer Manufacturing belongs,  began donating proceeds to World Vision from gate admission at their annual Earlybird and Snowbird RV Shows in Abbotsford, BC. Since then, the relationship has developed into sponsoring 161 children in four Kenyan villages with company matched employee donations to double their impact. The sponsorship and donation matching programs inspire their employees and helps provide meaning in their personal lives as well.

“Providing these children with healthier, happier lives gives us tremendous purpose in what we do. We know that these children face hard challenges accessing basic human needs and we choose to help because we have the ability to help change that through sponsorship and support,” continues Claudia.

In 2019, Adventurer Group celebrated 15 years of child sponsorship and 50 years in business by sending eight of their employees to visit the villages and children they sponsor to witness the work of World Vision. They were delighted to see World Vision takes a collaborative approach in helping communities and involves locals in the process by asking them what their priority is instead of imposing what they think is best.

Additionally, Adventurer Group was pleased to learn World Vision carefully tracks the progress of a village to meet their goals in the ADP Program. Together they were successful in helping the village of Lodwar, Kenya transition and become completely self-sufficient. Their graduation was a result of the partnership between the Adventurer Group,the community, and World Vision.

“We appreciate working with World Vision because they also make us part of the philanthropy process and we truly feel like partners instead of only supporters.”