HELPING THROUGH HEALTHCARE: Emergency response and development work enables healthcare

  World Vision Partner Since 2015

Baxter, a global medtech leader, on mission for more than 90 years to save and sustain lives, has worked with World Vision since 2015 through the Baxter International Foundation, the company’s philanthropic arm. Their initial grant in 2015 supported an mHealth project to increase access to healthcare for women and children under 2 in Bangalore, India. The project was extended for multiple years to build healthcare worker capacity and reach additional women and children with critically needed health services. Since then, the the Baxter International Foundation has supported numerous emergency responses—such as funding recovery efforts following 2017 landslides in Mocoa, Colombia—and volunteered to build kits for World Vision programs. The Baxter International Foundation has also supported World Vision’s global COVID-19 response since the beginning of the pandemic, and in 2021, gave an additional $100,000 grant for the response in Brazil specifically, toward preventive work including community vaccine awareness; strengthened health systems; and support for children through education, child protection, food security, and livelihoods.