Logitech uses tech products to impact education: “ THESE HEADPHONES ARE AMAZING”


“It makes me feel incredibly proud to work for a company that truly cares about the community and impacting the world,” says Sacni Leon, head of DTX operations, inventory control, and circularity operations for Logitech. 

The Swiss company designs products and experiences that help businesses thrive and bring people together through music, gaming, streaming, video, and computing. For over 40 years, Logitech has brought innovation and quality, helping customers connect and interact with the digital world. With products sold in almost every country worldwide, Logitech also believes in creating a better future for the planet and society—which requires a different approach to solving big challenges without creating new ones. The company is pioneering ways of working for a sustainable, equitable, and imaginative world.

Part of this new approach has Logitech looking for ways to reduce waste and extend the life of products. Coupled with a passion for empowering local communities, Logitech partnered with World Vision to bring these goals to life. 

World Vision has six Teacher Resource Centers (TRCs) serving schools across the U.S. in areas of high urban and rural poverty. In 2022, as part of a pilot partnership program, Logitech donated 14,685 open box products to the TRCs. More than 4,000 students and teachers from high-risk schools in Chicago and Phoenix benefited from these items. Rufina Brown, the principal of Parker Community Academy in Englewood, Illinois, was ecstatic: 

“These items from Logitech make a huge difference in our being able to meet the needs of our students as well as our staff.” In schools where budgets are tight, teachers often reach into their own pockets to help supply their students with needed resources. But through corporate donations like those from Logitech, children and educators can get the quality products they need.

“The [Logitech] headphones were just amazing,” gushed Daryn, a student at Parker Community Academy. “And all the other products: amazing. And it was just … amazing—as I’ve said a few times! I was really glad because what we have now is a little, I would say, outdated.”

Logitech is proving that when corporate resources meet nonprofit opportunities, the impact for good multiplies. Fueled by the success of 2022’s pilot program, Logitech is planning to expand their donations to supply schools in Texas and globally. “The program was a major undertaking for our team. But seeing the smiles on the students’ faces and hearing the gratitude from the teachers made it all worth it,” says Sacni (who spearheaded the initial program). “The entire company is excited about the partnership with World Vision and widening our corporate impact.”

Using World Vision’s channels and experience, Logitech is leading the charge in sustainability and corporate social responsibility by recycling unboxed, quality products and getting them to people who need them. As Daryn says, “It’s just amazing!”