In 2013 the Walmart Foundation selected World Vision to participate in its Women in Factories (WIF) program, which is part of Walmart’s global Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative (WEEI). The Women in Factories program includes 5 stages of professional and life-skills training.

Mission: The overall goal of the project is to improve the lives of women factory workers and their families in El Salvador and Honduras in an effective and sustainable way.



  • A total of 81 factories from multiple work sectors have been involved in the project to varying degrees, while 53 factories have completed this training.
  • A total of 25,599 people benefitted from this project, of which 15,701 were women and 9,898 were men.
  • The program has indirectly benefited 95,000 people, of whom 66 percent are children, adolescents and young people.
  • 85% of the men who completed the training stated a significant change in their mindset on the roles of women in society, the workplace, and the family.


Success Stories:

“I work in the sales area, and for my company I am in charge of all the salesmen at the national level. The topic of leadership has helped us to improve teamwork. We have a clear objective as a company. Emotional intelligence and communication behaviors have helped us get ahead by putting assertiveness into practice. I am very grateful to the institutions involved in these trainings, since they have been a source of knowledge that unfortunately not all companies appreciate.” Zulma Lisseth Guerra, Sales Manager of Technology Products at PROTECNO

“These kinds of programs should not end. They should always be kept within the company, and from now on it is our duty to continue the work that Walmart Foundation and World Vision have started. We have resources, didactic material, techniques, and most importantly the people responsible for replicating this with the rest of the employees, their families, and the communities.”  Ruth de Aguillón, Human Resources Manager and Coordinator of SGC TYPSA de C.V.