Cause Marketing

Increase sales, strengthen brand awareness, and enhance brand loyalty

Developing a cause marketing campaign with World Vision is not only a strategic business decision; it is also a socially responsible one. You are demonstrating to your customers and employees that you are dedicated to helping children and families around the world by lifting whole communities out of poverty, providing emergency relief support, or by equipping schools and nonprofit partners in under-resourced regions of the United States.

The World Vision Corporate Engagement team collaborates with corporate partners to develop a customized cause marketing program that meets your business objectives. If your company wants to invest in a charitable cause with a wide reach, lasting impact and high visibility, we can help.

Cause marketing programs can include:

  • Charitable sales promotions (where you pledge a percentage of sales, proceeds or a predetermined sum to benefit World Vision programs as a result of the sale of your product)
  • Making a donation in lieu of employee or client gifts, awards, etc.
  • Promoting a challenge or match donation to employees and/or customers
  • Hosting a donation drive
  • Providing change collection devices or “round up” promotions
  • Equipping your employees to directly ask consumers for a donation

Cause Marketing News

Feeding Cards: a family business that feeds families in need
In 2013, after a mission trip with their church to South Africa, the Oelkers family—Blaine, Beth, and daughter Kaitlyn—returned deeply moved by the poverty they’d seen. Inspired by TOMS Shoes’ “One for One” business model, the idea for Feeding Cards came together one night...
Bartell Drugs kicks off seasonal promotion by giving back
As thousands of students geared up to head back to school, hundreds of Bartell Drugs employees and customers around Western Washington ramped up their efforts to give many of them the tools they need to succeed. Throughout August, customers donate cash or supplies at...
The One Cup Project turns coffee purchases into life-giving aid
As the saying goes: a penny saved is a penny earned. But in One Cup Coffee Co.’s book, a dollar spent on coffee is a dollar given to others. The One Cup Project is the brainchild of a Seattle-based social-purpose coffee roaster that runs...

Next Steps

Free cause marketing tools

World Vision can help supply you with the tools to increase visibility and bring awareness to your cause marketing efforts. These tools include:

  • Logo files and licensing agreements
  • Custom branded donor drive fundraising page
  • Design templates and support
  • Promotional window cling

To learn more about cause marketing, or to get started on your own cause marketing campaign, register for access to our Proud Supporter Resources:

In many cases, you can share your support of World Vision to your employees and customers without having to enter into a formal charitable sales promotion agreement. Read World Vision’s Cause Marketing Guidelines for more information.

Apply to Become a Cause Marketing Partner

For promotions with a target fundraising goal of $25,000 or more, submit your proposal to access additional resources and personalized support. Partnership benefits include:

  • Account support by a team of cause marketing professionals with a longstanding track record with over 400 companies and presence in the top six major markets in the United States.
  • Leverage of our brand and media assets and constituent intelligence, valued at over $2.4 million.
  • Impact stories from both here and abroad to inspire your customers.

Our cause marketing team evaluates companies with a firm reputation and strong brand image who would like to make a contribution that is significant and clearly defined to the consumer.

Let our experts help you create a cause marketing program to enhance your brand, maximize your business, and build customer affinity, while helping children in need and their families in the United States and abroad.