Why World Vision is in Haiti

2019 was a tumultuous year for Haiti, with fuel shortages, widespread protests, and a near-complete government shutdown. Now farmers are unable to get their produce to markets, and 2.6 million people do not know where their next meal will come from. One major obstacle to protecting children in Haiti is a lack of documentation. Many citizens of Haiti weren’t registered at birth, which complicates the assertion of their rights. In the midst of crisis, the generosity of donors funded a public campaign to inform parents about the benefits of registering child births with the government. Shortly after the launch of this campaign, the Haitian government announced a grace period for birth registrations, which could enable over 800,000 children to obtain legal rights as documented citizens. Additionally, over 200,000 people gained clean water and other sanitation essentials to reduce the prevalence of diarrhea and open defacation in homes. And many local faith leaders were trained through the Channels of Hope program, which equips community leaders to protect the rights of children.

We never give up on people

World Vision child sponsorship looks at all the things that prevent children from surviving and thriving in their community, and then works with that community to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together to build a better life for all children. For sponsors, it’s a personal way to show God’s love to a child in need in a life-changing way.

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Progress in Haiti

Thanks to the generous support of donors, we’re making great progress toward the well-being of children and their families.

Child Protection and Care

Boys and girls are safe and valued, well cared for by their families, and participating in their communities as agents of transformation.

  • Through education campaigns, parents and community members learned about children's safety concerns and their right to protection. At the training, participants committed to work to end violence against children in their community.

Healthy Children and Families

Children and families are well nourished, protected from infection and disease, and have access to essential health services.

  • Children are safer from diseases after World Vision led a de-worming campaign where students received the medicine they need.
  • Children and their families have better access to healthcare after 150 health stations were built and mobile clinics were utilized in Haiti.

Education for Better Lives

Children have opportunities to learn and to develop their talents, young people are equipped for the future, and families and communities support children's education.

  • Vulnerable children received support so that they could access education. They also received school kits enabling them to attend school while also reducing the financial burden on their family.
  • More students have access to resources that help them improve their reading skills. Reading clubs were established and supplemental reading support helped those who were struggling the most.

Prayer Requests from Haiti

World Vision's staff in Haiti are asking us to join them in prayer for the following:

  • For the protection of children during this period of unrest.


  • For resilience and hope for the Haitian people.


  • For peace and stability in the region.


News from Haiti


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