Why World Vision is in Syria

The Syrian crisis is now entering its ninth year--the country is a fragile state that is the source of the most refugees in the world as well as host to the second most internally displaced people. During that time at least 500,000 people have been killed, including more than 55,000 children. Nearly 12 million have been forced from their homes. Millions of children are facing challenges children should not have to face - missing out on school, working as child laborers, and vulnerable to early marriage. A generation of children is at risk of being lost to the impact of this conflict. As an active war zone, this is an extraordinarily difficult context in which to serve people in need. WV’s operational area within Syria is mobile due to the fluid fronts of the war and the threat of violence against aid workers. To increase our reach in active conflict zones, World Vision partners with several local Syrian organizations.

We never give up on people

Millions of people have been forced to flee their homes due to violence: Families escaping fighting in Iraq and Syria, caught in the conflict in South Sudan, and trapped in other dangerous situations. More than half of these refugees and displaced people are children. You can help provide critical essentials like food, shelter, and safe places for children to play and learn.

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Prayer Requests from Syria

World Vision's staff in Syria are asking us to join them in prayer for the following:

  • Pray for those in conflict to come to a peaceful solution so civilians may resume their daily lives.


  • Pray for families who have fled to find safety and for host communities to have resources to care for them.


  • Pray for government leaders to come to compassionate solutions for refugees in their countries.


  • Pray for refugees as winter approaches, that needed supplies will be available.


News from Syria

From the Field

What is a refugee?

The number of refugees globally has surpassed 36 million, and their needs have never been greater, not only for the basic necessities of life, but also for hope and opportunities to be self-sufficient. Explore the challenges faced by refugees and find out more about the global refugee crisis.


Matthew 25: Prayer for disaster survivors

God is with people suffering from disasters — families facing famine, conflict, or the aftermath of earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. Join us in prayer for all who find themselves as “strangers,” as Jesus calls them in Matthew 25:35.