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World Vision U.S. Programs: Membership

How to become an organizational member:

  1. Your organization submits an online membership application for your location below.
  2. Your organization submits one of the following documents to verify nonprofit status:
    • 501(c)3 determination letter; church bylaws; letter from denominational main office; articles of incorporation; Form 1023; state registration or charter; and your political subdivision’s (city, county, etc.) charter.
  3. Your application is reviewed by World Vision.
  4. You are notified regarding your application status.
  5. Your organization submits additional documentation needed for subscription or affiliation, along with any related fees.
  6. Your organization attends orientation that includes:
    • Gifts-in-Kind (Product Resources) End-Use and Reporting
  7. Your organization begins accessing World Vision’s resources!

Apply for U.S. Programs Membership