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WV Location Map

Seattle Office

World Vision Headquarters is located in Federal Way, just 30 miles south of Seattle. The 40 acre complex is adjacent to beautiful woodland walking trails and Lake Killarney.

DC Office

The DC office is located in the revitalized NE district of Washington DC. The nearly 52,000 sf facility is within walking distance of Union Station and the United States Capitol buildling.

Job Opportunities

We Want A Good Fit And So Do You

Other Opportunities

Technical Help

Contact us if you need technical support in submitting your job application.
For technical questions/support only contact applicant_support@silkroad.com 24 hours day/five days week or 1-866-927-2472 Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m EST. Outside of these hours, please leave a message to be responded to the next business day.

NOTE: The Support Team provides technical support/troubleshooting only. They are not able to answer questions regarding an applicant's status or details of the job posting
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Fraud Alert

World Vision and several other charitable agencies have been subject to recent “phishing” attacks (email scams). The scams claim to offer job opportunities (one in particular falsely claims to come from our Chief Financial Officer, Larry Probus), are requests to convert funds, or are requests to forward financial transactions directly to field programs.

If you have received an email in connection with a job or financial opportunity, we urge you not to respond. These emails are not legitimate. Either delete the email or report it to www.ic3.gov.