Rice casserole recipe: The clean and the dirty … water

What does it really mean to only have access to dirty water for cooking, cleaning, and drinking?

Food blogger Taylor Kiser of Food Faith Fitness recreates this issue in the kitchen while cooking a rice casserole with clean water … and with dirty water.

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This Instant Pot chicken casserole with broccoli recipe was first published at Food Faith Fitness. Read the full recipe here. It’s an easy, weeknight dinner that almost makes itself. Kids and adults will love it!

I’m one of those people that can eat a casserole any time of the year. Regardless if it’s negative eleven billion degrees outside or if it’s 110 degrees, casseroles are in style for me. There’s something so comforting about a mishmash of yummy ingredients that just makes my heart burst and my tummy so satisfied.

Especially when that mishmash involves tender, crisp bursts of bright-green broccoli; a thick swirl of ooey-gooey, melty cheese; wholesome, chewy rice with tender, juicy chicken; and the creamy, rich taste of butter in every bite.

Whether it’s broccoli cheese soup, a cheesy zucchini casserole with broccoli, or this Instant Pot casserole recipe, the combination of broccoli and cheese is always going to be a solid dinner plan. Vegetables are tasty on their own, but when you cover them in cheese and mix them with carbs? That is a dinner that is everybody’s jam.

You know what though? We’re lucky that we have access to nice clean water to make a pressure cooker casserole for our families for dinner, which is why I’m partnering again with World Vision (you remember the goat cheese cheesecake, yes?) to build awareness around their Global 6K for Water!

The Global 6K for Water

Six kilometers is the average distance people in the developing world walk for water, and that water is usually contaminated with life-threatening diseases.

On Saturday, May 4, 2019, thousands of people from all around the globe will participate in the Global 6K and will walk or run 6 kilometers to bring clean water to communities in need. The registration fee is only $50, and it provides clean water to one person through World Vision’s water projects. So, every step YOU take is one that person won’t have to!

Each World Vision water project is sustainable as it gives local people training in maintenance and repair and is part of a community-based strategy that addresses a broad range of critical needs. They reach one new person every 10 seconds and three more schools each day to provide clean water. They are also Christ-centered, and these projects are carried out with the love of Jesus, which is one the many things I love about the organization!

I made this rice casserole with nice, clean water and then dirty water so you can see the difference. That ain’t no wild rice my friends; that’s just dirty rice, dirty chicken, and dirty cheese and veggies.

We don’t realize the privilege we have that we can drink clean water right from our taps. If someone from a developing country had the kitchen gadgets to make this Instant Pot chicken and rice casserole, it would look a lot like the dirty version that we would not want to eat and would never serve our families.

But, they would have no choice.

If you want to sign up for the Global 6K, you can do so HERE!

Clean cheesy chicken, tender broccoli and chewy rice is what’s for dinner.

And we’re lucky to be able to make it like that. <3

Get the full recipe from Taylor’s website, FoodFaithFit, here!

Join World Vision in bringing clean water to children and families around the world who lack this basic access. Who walk an average of 6 kilometers a day for water that makes them sick. When you walk our Global 6K for Water, every step you take is one they won’t have to! Sign up today.


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