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World Humanitarian Day: ‘No one paid attention to my cries’

This World Humanitarian Day, 8-year-old Sadia shares her tribute to World Vision humanitarian staff in Niger. One day while waiting in the heat for food, her grandmother fainted. Scared and ignored, Sadia saw the World Vision team pushing through the crowd to help. This is Sadia’s story.


Hunger crisis: ‘When I get angry is when I pray’

Hunger in Kenya robbed Peter and Samson of their parents in March. Peter, the family’s rock, is afraid now, while Samson is angry but tries to be strong. All they have left is prayer and each other. Lift them up in prayer today and read their story.


A life full of love for the world

Do you feel that God is calling you to live a life of love for the world? Maybe that calling has become more difficult than you expected. Blogger Katie Bodell describes her journey from desperation to action and how she found a source of hope. How is God calling you to love others today?