Covering the world in prayer: Pray for the Caribbean

Woman holding baby in Haiti. Pray for the Caribbean.

Join us to pray for the Caribbean, specifically World Vision’s work in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Haiti is the least developed country in the Western Hemisphere. The Dominican Republic enjoys a stronger economy, but still, 40% of its residents live in poverty. Both countries struggle with the lingering effects of major natural disasters.

The LORD sits enthroned over the flood. … The LORD gives strength to his people. —Psalm 29:10-11

Pray for disaster recovery efforts in Haiti.

This nation of more than 10 million was on a slow path to recovery after the 2010 earthquake killed about 220,000 people, displaced millions, and destroyed much of Haiti’s already-weak infrastructure. When Hurricane Matthew in 2016, it set the country’s recovery a severe blow. World Vision is helping families affected by these devastating disasters. Pray for continued progress in rebuilding and development.

Lord, in spite of the immense challenges Haiti faces, You have placed a host of resources there to help people recover and rebuild. Guide government leaders, affected families, and development organizations to move forward with a collective vision for a better life.

Pray for improved health for Haitians and Dominicans.

Since the 2010 earthquake, cholera has killed thousands of citizens and infected hundreds of thousands in Haiti. HIV also has been a problem in the Dominican Republic. More than 52,000 people live with the virus, including 5,000 children younger than 5. World Vision operates community health centers and sanitation and hygiene programs. Pray for better access to health services, clean water, and adequate hygiene and sanitation facilities.

Lord God, You alone can cure disease. Bring relief to those suffering from cholera, and improve access to sanitation and hygiene resources. Inspire and empower church and community leaders to love and serve people living with HIV.

Pray for exploited children in Haiti.

Roughly 790,000 Haitian children ages 5 through 17 are forced to work in households up to 14 hours per day. Families that can’t afford their children’s care often send them to friends or relatives, hoping they will have a better life. In some cases, these children are also abused or neglected. Pray that families can find ways to provide for their children’s needs.

Dear Jesus, through the prophet Isaiah, You declared You would bind up the brokenhearted and bring freedom from darkness. Please make this promise real for Haiti’s exploited children and their families, and provide them the resources they need to achieve fullness of life.

Pray for food security in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Beyond the 2010 earthquake, severe storms have caused widespread flooding and loss of agricultural production in both countries. In late 2012, Hurricanes Isaac and Sandy pushed Haiti into a food crisis, and the Dominican economy lost $30 million in agricultural production. In 2017, hurricanes Irma and Maria wrought further damage. Pray for World Vision’s disaster relief efforts and work that is helping farmers recover by improving their agriculture techniques and irrigation systems.

Lord, with so many livelihoods at the mercy of environmental conditions, calm the storms that pass over these island nations. Bring relief to families who have lost homes and food sources. Bless farmers with the knowledge and resources to reap abundant harvests and provide for their families.

Pray for those affected by domestic violence in the Dominican Republic.

Almost 200 women are killed by their partner or former partner every year in the Dominican Republic. In some cases, children are also killed — in part due to a justice system slow to protect women and children. World Vision strives to influence government policy and works with community leaders to nurture children spiritually, lift up their voices, and protect them from domestic violence. Pray that leaders will truly protect families.

Heavenly Father, raise up advocates and help lawmakers understand the importance of creating a safe environment for children. Help all concerned to act on behalf of children’s well-being.

Pray that youth in the Dominican Republic can attend secondary school.

Although about 85% of Dominican children are enrolled in primary school, only 66% of boys and 79% of girls go on to secondary school. About 190,000 orphans are at a particularly high risk of exploitation due to lack of resources, few child-rights advocates, and limited educational opportunities. World Vision provides tutoring and vocational training services to Dominican youth. Pray that more young people will have access to education and grow in the knowledge of God.

Lord, Proverbs 1:7 tells us, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.” Raise up those who desire to know You more. Use teachers and community leaders to impart wisdom and practical skills so that Dominican Republic children can reach their full potential.

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