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This month we talk with JD (Jonathon Douglass) and Dylan Thomas from Hillsong United about refugees, life on the road, and their new album, “Wonder,” at The Justice Conference in Chicago.

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Laura Blank talks to JD and Dylan Thomas from Hillsong United at The Justice Conference.
Laura Blank talks to JD and Dylan Thomas from Hillsong United at The Justice Conference.

You can also watch a Facebook Live video of World Vision’s Laura Blank interviewing JD and Dylan backstage at the conference.

The episode also features the new song, “So Will I,” from Hillsong United’s new album, “Wonder.”




What you can do to help Syrian refugees:

  • Learn more about Syria’s refugee crisis: Violent reactions to peaceful protests throughout the country descended Syria into chaos in early 2011. Syrian children and families have borne the brunt of the conflict’s disastrous consequences. Hundreds of thousands have been killed and more than half of the population — 11 million people — have been displaced from their homes.
  • Pray for people affected by conflict in Syria: God, You love the little children. Each Syrian child is precious to You. Please protect children in the middle of this conflict. We ask You to bring peace to Syria for the sake of Your children. In Your name, Amen.
  • Become a refugee responder: Your monthly gift can help refugees, and make a lasting difference for vulnerable, displaced children and families.


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