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How’d they do that: Bring water to Cheru

Cheru carries water

Last spring, people around the world were inspired to walk or run the Global 6K for Water by 5-year-old Cheru Lotuliapus, whose daily life in Kenya was consumed with finding water. The effects of this life were keeping Cheru — like so many other girls and women in sub-Saharan Africa — from living up to her potential. Today, thanks to our caring donors, World Vision is working in West Pokot County to bring clean water access to Cheru’s community.

Map of the new water system
A pipeline and kiosks are being installed to bring water to Cheru’s village.

Here’s how water engineers and villagers are bringing life-changing clean water from a pure mountain river down to Kesot, Kenya, where Cheru lives.

Water engineers identify and inspect a weir

  1. Water engineers identify and inspect a weir, a dam that diverts water from the Kwok River, in the wooded hills about 15 miles away from Kesot.

World Vision upgrades water services

  1. World Vision upgrades water services, building a new water kiosk with four taps, a cattle trough, and a water tank at the primary school. This work is being done in Cheboret, about 9 miles from where the water is piped from the river.

Villagers from Kesot help build a pipeline

  1. Villagers from Kesot help build a pipeline extension from Cheboret to Kesot, 8 miles, to bring water to their school, health center, and market. Workers clear brush, dig trenches, and haul rocks and sand to the location.

Workers erect and build kiosks

  1. Workers erect and build kiosks, water troughs, and tanks to serve the school, health center, and market at Kesot.

A standpipe will bring fresh water to Cheru’s family

  1. Kesot community members train others in areas of water, sanitation, and hygiene. A local technician learns how to perform repairs and maintenance.

A standpipe will bring fresh water to Cheru’s family

  1. A standpipe will bring fresh water to Cheru’s family, just steps from where her mother cooks, washes clothes, and prepares tea.

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