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Pursuing human justice through high-quality, ethical fashion

DES PLAINES, IL — What if the simple purchase of a tote or t-shirt could help free a woman from injustice?

Katherine and Brad Jeffery believe that ethically produced fashion goes a long way toward empowering women in the world’s most impoverished places.

It’s a philosophy that dates back to Brad’s travels in Africa and South Asia, where he was moved to learn of the millions of people suffering from human trafficking, slavery, and extreme poverty.

With Katherine sharing his passion and heart for helping the least of these, the pair set out to engage the fortunate few to help the marginalized many—and did so by establishing CauseGear, the Chicago-based social enterprise with a vision to see one million people “made free” through self-sustaining jobs.

CauseGear co-founders Brad and Katherine Jeffery (top right) sell ethically produced fashion to help free people from human trafficking, severe poverty, and slavery.

At its core is the belief that people who make our fashion must be able to take control of their lives and earn a livable wage. To that end, CauseGear sells ethically produced fashion— customizable with the brand of any organization—to help create sustainable jobs.

Ten percent of the proceeds from each item in their World Vision collection of design-savvy totes, backpacks, leather portfolios, and sports bags goes directly to World Vision to fund its work eradicating global poverty.

“Love comes first. No matter who you are or where you come from, World Vision is there to help.”

—Katherine Jeffrey, CauseGear Co-Founder

“We are huge supporters of business as mission and believe God calls all of us to use our gifts in every area of His creation,” Katherine says. “We believe in the work World Vision is doing. It is great to see an aid organization working to empower people to care for themselves, equipping people for the long term with both dignity and a sustainable income. You can use your unique talents and passions for the glory of God no matter what they are—from athletics to marketing to relief work. There’s a place for you at World Vision. Love comes first. No matter who you are or where you come from, World Vision is there to help.”

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