INVESTING IN GLOBAL HEALTH: Contextualized approaches to healthcare yield success

As one of the world’s most prominent biopharmaceutical companies, Pfizer and The Pfizer Foundation aim to offer solutions to the most challenging global health issues. The mission of The Pfizer Foundation underscores the company’s commitment to address the healthcare needs of the world’s most vulnerable people and is part of Pfizer’s commitment to make access to healthcare equitable for all populations.

The Pfizer Foundation’s healthcare abilities and desire to drive catalytic change plus World Vision’s innovative, community-based approaches form a powerful partnership to help strengthen vulnerable health systems and contribute to the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals. The Pfizer Foundation has supported global emergency response and mother and child health programs in which World Vision’s deep, local relationships provide the base for equitable and effective health programs that empower families and communities. Starting with the community and listening to the people they’re serving enables The Pfizer Foundation and World Vision to achieve better outcomes.

One of The Pfizer Foundation’s recent highlights of collaborating with World Vision was producing a virtual reality film covering a project in West Pokot, Kenya, on the integration of services for immunization and healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies. The film was shown at several international conferences, receiving praise for its ability to stir empathy and boost awareness of the health challenges women face in the developing world—and of potential solutions like service integration.

During a trip to the West Pokot project area, Pfizer’s team met the people who were involved in and impacted by the project. Community members discussed complex issues openly and were empowered to take control of their health—and were ultimately equipped to make more informed decisions for themselves and their families. “The technical expertise that the team brings is fantastic,” says Jenny Sia, director of Global Health and Social Impact at Pfizer. “We’re able to execute meaningful work and really look at the impact we were able to deliver.”

Most recently, The Pfizer Foundation supported World Vision’s global COVID-19 response as well as a project to expand access to, and improve the quality of, community-based treatment for infectious diseases among children under 5 in Uganda.