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World Water Day: Every 10 seconds one person gets clean water

As we commemorate World Water Day, March 22, World Vision celebrates reaching its 2020 goal to bring clean water to one person every 10 seconds. Well-drilling teams, engineers, geologists, and community leaders in dozens of countries worked tirelessly through 2016 to accomplish that goal three years ahead of schedule. Ultimately, we hope to provide access to clean water to every person in every community where we work around the world.

From the Field

Defying La Bestia, ‘The Beast’

Crushed by natural disasters, poverty, and violence, many Hondurans are making the dangerous, desperate trek north using a network of freight trains to find opportunity. Find out how World Vision is creating ways to give young people and their families a reason to stay — and flourish — in the country they love.


Regarding Henry’s nutrition in Honduras

In rural Honduras, World Vision’s Common Pot program learns from families whose children are thriving and teaches those lessons to other families to help them better cook for and nourish their children! See the transformative difference that better nutrition makes.


Q&A: Hope at home in Honduras

In today’s Q&A, Matt Stephens — our senior adviser for child protection — answers the question of why children from Central America are leaving home and explores how World Vision is working to address the root causes of this crisis by promoting hope at home.