Why World Vision is in Cambodia

2015 proved to be a tumultuous year in Cambodian politics. After a grinding deadlock, the ruling party and opposition party came to a mutual agreement that they would work together. However, the political situation remains unstable. Cambodia also faced major challenges for children, including child protection and malnutrition. Child labor and child trafficking remain a significant problem, and over 20,000 children live and work on the streets of Phnom Phen alone. World Vision advocated for the well-being of over a million orphans and vulnerable children living in Cambodia by calling for stronger child protection laws and regulations. Though Cambodia exports a surplus of rice, many rural families remain short on food for themselves. 40 percent of children under age 5 are malnourished, and women and children are chronically deficient in iron and Vitamin A. 69 of our health centers were updated with tools and education to help families prevent and treat malnutrition through growth monitoring, food and vitamin supplements, and cooking demonstrations.

We never give up on people

World Vision child sponsorship looks at all the things that prevent children from surviving and thriving in their community, and then works with that community to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together to build a better life for all children. For sponsors, it’s a personal way to show God’s love to a child in need in a life-changing way.

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Progress in Cambodia

Thanks to the generous support of donors, we’re making great progress toward the well-being of children and their families.

Child Protection and Care

Boys and girls are safe and valued, well cared for by their families, and participating in their communities as agents of transformation.

  • We worked to improve household income by partnering with the Provincial Department of Agriculture to provide training to youth and vulnerable families on chicken-raising, vegetable farming, and vocational skills such as bookkeeping.
  • We collaborated with local women's groups to raise awareness among community members, parents, and children on the rights of children. Together with World Vision, these groups trained parents and children on how to identify threats to child well-being and how to report problems.

Healthy Children and Families

Children and families are well nourished, protected from infection and disease, and have access to essential health services.

  • We partnered with government departments and local health clinics throughout the country to conduct awareness sessions in villages and schools about the importance of personal hygiene and sanitation practices.
  • We collaborated with local schools, community leaders, and local government authorities to improve access to clean water sources for families by constructing new rainwater tanks and rehabilitating water tanks that were broken down.

Education for Better Lives

Children have opportunities to learn and to develop their talents, young people are equipped for the future, and families and communities support children's education.

  • We partnered with an organization called World Education to recruit and train literacy coaches who taught administrators, teachers, and tutors how to help children learn to read and write. Parents were also informed about how they can improve their child's literacy at home, and were given access to a new library where they can borrow books.

Love of God and Neighbors

Children and families are growing spiritually, local churches are strengthened to demonstrate Christ's love in practical ways, and people are living at peace with their neighbors.

  • Our local staff served children and families as a demonstration of God's unconditional love, seeking always to be faithful ambassadors of Jesus, the reason for our hope.

Prayer Requests from Cambodia

World Vision's staff in Cambodia are asking us to join them in prayer for the following:

  • Families raising chickens to provide much-needed protein for malnourished kids.


  • New savings groups designed to help lift people out of poverty by starting small businesses.


News from Cambodia


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