Podcast with blogger Kristen Howerton (Rage Against the Minivan)

This podcast, listen to an interview with blogger Kristen Howerton (Rage Against the Minivan) who recently traveled to Iraq and Lebanon with World Vision.

This podcast, listen to an interview with blogger Kristen Howerton, who has been operating Rage Against the Minivan since 2006. Howerton started the blog to chronicle her adoption journey, and the platform has expanded to cover parenting, religion, race, and other topics. Her writing has also appeared in the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, and other national media outlets.

She recently traveled with World Vision to Iraq and Lebanon and was generous enough to be interviewed for the World Vision podcast, ironically, in the back of a minivan.

The episode also features music from singer-songwriter Jenn Bostic.

Listen to this podcast on Sound Cloud or download on iTunes


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