Spiritual Safety Net

Compelled by God’s profound love for children, World Vision encourages spiritual nurture for children in sponsorship programs, with the desire that boys and girls experience God's love and life in all its fullness. In places where expressing Christian faith is obstructed by custom or law, staff do not impose spiritual teaching on children. Rather, World Vision nurtures spirituality through local people, groups, and institutions that have direct impact on children’s well-being.

Key among those relationships:


Recognizing that children’s care is primarily the responsibility of families, World Vision intentionally engages with and equips parents, guardians, and caregivers to encourage children’s holistic development, protection, and spiritual nurture.

Child Sponsors

A sponsored child’s first personal connection with Christianity may be his or her sponsor. Sponsors’ unconditional love and prayer support can make an enduring impression on children about the character of our loving God.

Local churches

Churches are indispensible partners in spiritual and social transformation. World Vision supports pastors with tools, training, and encouragement to witness to the gospel in holistic ways and nurture faith among adults and children.

Community partners

World Vision’s support to communities places children’s well-being in the spotlight and encourages care for the poorest and most vulnerable populations — sensitively pointing to Christian values at the heart of our work.

World Vision staff

Staff serving in communities can be powerful examples of what it means to follow Jesus. Especially in sensitive contexts, mature Christians and staff are trained and spiritually supported.

Faith-based organizations

World Vision collaborates with local Christian groups and coordinates with those of other faiths that share common humanitarian objectives, such as children’s well-being, community-based empowerment, and peace and reconciliation.

Pray for Children

Learn other ways to pray for children and families in need around the world: