Christian Faith

Our Christian faith is central to who we are. We follow Jesus’ example by being an active, visible, tangible expression of God’s love as we work alongside the poor and oppressed. Our faith calls us to serve children in need—of any faith, or none. We partner with faith leaders throughout the world, equipping them to use their influence to make their communities safer for children. Interested in learning more about a relationship with Jesus? >

Marvel in Mbuyuni: How did they do it?

If ever a place needed change, it was Mbuyuni village in Tanzania. Years of poverty and an ensuing feeling of futility had taken its toll on marriages and children’s futures. But things began to change when a group of farmers were equipped with new beliefs about themselves and their neighbors.

Created in God’s image and thriving

After Darlington and Maria participated in World Vision’s Biblical Empowered Worldview training, they stopped seeing themselves as worthless and instead began viewing themselves as children of God. This transformed how they could envision and act on their future dreams and goals.

Pure joy

After an unexpected heartbreak, Damaris learned the secret to living a full life through the Biblical Empowered Worldview training. It changed her heart, her mind, and her future. And she isn’t keeping that secret to herself. She’s sharing it with others.

children and youth participating in discipleship and values education thanks to the support of World Vision donors in the U.S. in 2018.

faith leaders benefiting from ministry and community care training thanks to the support of World Vision donors in the U.S. in 2018.


churches serving their communities in partnership with World Vision thanks to the support of World Vision in the U.S. in 2018.

Our Approach to Faith

Our faith in Jesus Christ is core to who we are. As an expression of God’s unconditional love for all people, especially vulnerable children, we serve alongside the poor and oppressed. We hope to live as followers of Christ by being active, visible bearers of God’s love.

Relying on God’s grace and Spirit, we affirm the truth of the gospel and our hope in Christ through our character, speech, actions, and in the signs of God’s power at work in individual lives, in the communities where we work, and in all creation.

As a Christian charity, we partner with local churches, helping to strengthen local leadership and equipping them with resources and training to carry out our shared mission among the poor and oppressed. Our commitment is to strengthen local churches so that when we leave the community, they are thriving, engaged, and equipped to support sustained spiritual and physical transformation.

Christ calls us to serve the vulnerable, and this calling often takes us to places where the majority of people follow faiths other than Christianity. We serve wholeheartedly in these places because we cannot ignore the need. In our work among people of other world religions, we value our common humanity and common desire to care for and protect vulnerable children. By developing relationships with people of other faiths, we have found that suspicion, mistrust, and fear are replaced with trust, friendship, and mutual support.

Faith Resources

Empowered Worldview Technical Brief (PDF)
Research found positive association between our Empowered Worldview faith-based approach and increases in material and subjective well-being of community members.

Interfaith Series: Philippines (PDF)
Interfaith cooperation facilitated rapid humanitarian response and peace building in the Philippines.

Interfaith Series: CAR (PDF)
In Central African Republic, interfaith engagement can build social cohesion.

Empowered Worldview (PDF)
The Empowered Worldview approach is faith-based and reaches deep into people’s core beliefs, transforming their view of the world so that the cycle of chronic poverty and hopelessness can be broken. Empowered Worldview helps people find value in their own identity, create a vision for their future, nurture family and community relationships, and understand their ability to have an influence on their own circumstances.

Ways to give

4 Bibles

Share the story of Jesus and the truth of God’s love. Communities around the world are asking for Bibles and study materials. Your gift will mean so much for children eager to discover the Bible in their own language. What a wonderful way to show a boy or girl God’s love!

Become a Christian Commitment Partner

In many communities impacted by poverty, limited resources make it hard for Christian leaders and churches to support children’s spiritual growth in age-appropriate ways. You can nourish the faith of the next generation and strengthen the witness of the local church by equipping pastors and ministry leaders to nurture children’s faith and serve their communities practically in the name of Christ.

Monthly giving is the most effective way to help children and families who need it most. Plus, it lowers costs, which means more of your gift helps kids!

We work hand in hand with each community to address their unique needs — and achieve lasting change.

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