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Unique baby names from around the world

Looking for unique baby names? We’ve got you covered with plenty of ideas. Through our humanitarian work and child sponsorship work around the world, World Vision staff members have met many amazing children. Many of thee kids were given some pretty unique names too, and some have great stories behind their names. This is a collection of some of the most unique baby names from around the world.

Gender-neutral baby names from around the world

Some of our favorite unique baby names are actually words and adjectives from the English language. Somehow, when these words become names attached to a smiling child, they become precious, which happens to be one of the names on our list.

Unique names for girls from around the world

Unique names for boys from around the world

  • Doctor (named after the doctor who delivered him in Uganda)
  • Edinson (from El Salvador)
  • France
  • Jisun (from Bangladesh, means “morning sun”)
  • Johaven
  • Jolly (from Uganda)
  • Kendy (from the Dominican Republic)
  • Mandela Nelson (after Nelson Mandela)
  • Marlon (from Honduras)
  • Martine (from Uganda)
  • Mohammed Ali (after the famed boxer)
  • Obama (from Rwanda)
  • Prince
  • Raksmey (from Cambodia, means “ray of light”)
  • Toader (from Romania)
  • Webby

Want to find even more unique baby names from around the world? Check out these adorable photos of babies and children who need sponsors.

Unique baby names from around the world

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