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How Sponsorship Works

Depending on the needs of children in a community, we focus on things like...

  • Child Protection

    Preventing exploitation. Protecting and restoring children

  • Clean Water

    Clean water, basic sanitation, and hygiene education

  • Economic Development

    Savings groups, market development, access to microfinance

  • Education

    Addressing barriers. Improving the quality of education

  • Food & Agriculture

    Meeting immediate needs, growing food for the future

  • Health

    Preventing and treating illness. Improving child/maternal health

  • Our Faith

    Following Jesus' example, partnering with churches globally

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The Blessings of Sponsorship

Connect with your child

Sponsoring a child is just the beginning of an amazing adventure. There are many ways to get to know your sponsored child and let them know that know that they are special.

  • Send letters and cards
  • Give special gifts and packages
  • Email your sponsored child
  • Visit your sponsored child

Watch your child grow

With your help, your child will have the opportunity for a healthier, fuller life. We'll send you updates so you can see how your child is growing and developing. Each year you'll receive:

  • New photos of your sponsored child
  • Their progress report

See community progress

As a sponsor, you'll be helping change the lives of your sponsored child's family and community. You'll receive updates each year to show how your support is strengthening their entire community, including:

  • A newsletter with accomplishments
  • New photos of the community

Top 10 Sponsorship FAQs

1. What is World Vision? What do you do?

World Vision is a Christian relief and development organization dedicated to helping children, families, and communities worldwide reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

We help transform the lives of the world’s poorest children and families in nearly 100 countries, including the United States, through interventions such as nutrition and safe drinking water programs, poverty relief and community development initiatives, disaster response, and more. Our non-profit work extends assistance to all people, regardless of religious beliefs, gender, race, or ethnic background.


2. Does my monthly gift go directly to my child?
World Vision child sponsorship is an amazing model that allows for a one-on-one relationship with a sponsor, while pooling the gifts of all sponsors who support children in the same community so that we are able to provide long-term resources for lasting change.
A child does not receive direct cash benefits like a welfare system. Giving the family of the child money does not ensure responsible spending or that the community will be able to sustain itself once World Vision is no longer working in the area.
Effective development that releases people from long-term poverty lies in helping people discover their God-given potential as human beings, then working together to realize that potential. Spiritual transformation that instills hope and promise for the future is a fundamental key.
Clean water, health care, agriculture, education, and income generation are important, but are secondary to the basic work of getting the community to take ownership of these projects long-term. The needs and participation of children are paramount.
3. Can I send money and other gifts directly to my sponsored child?
Yes! You have the opportunity to send a specific extra gift through World Vision above the amount of your monthly sponsorship that can go directly to the child and his or her family.
Your gift will be sent to the World Vision office near them, where staff in the field help them determine and purchase the items they need the most, such as farm animals or school supplies. You can give these extra gifts at my.worldvision.org.
You may also send your sponsored child small gifts and cards. The recommendations regarding what can be sent are in the sponsor’s guide you will receive and at my.worldvision.org.
4. What benefits does my sponsored child receive by being sponsored? How are my sponsorship donations used?
The goal of World Vision’s child sponsorship is to make life better for children. Our child sponsorship programs have four basic aspirations that guide our work and on which our work is measured. Children have the right to enjoy good health; be educated for life; be cared for, protected, and participating in their communities; and experience the love of God and their neighbors.
Poverty is complex and rarely solved by one intervention. Depending on each community’s needs, a sponsored child—and his or her entire community—benefit from things like clean water through new or renovated wells, school fees and supplies, better education due to restored schools and teacher training, improved nutrition due to agricultural training, as well as health care clinics and immunizations.
In areas where permitted, World Vision works with local churches to ensure that a sponsor's gift will also help provide a Christian education program to give children the chance to learn about Jesus and his love.
The costs of keeping records on sponsored children, translating and forwarding letters, and meeting emergencies are also covered through the monthly sponsorship gifts. A portion of these funds supports doctors, teachers, agricultural officers, auditors, and other specialized staff members who serve sponsored children in their communities.
5. Will my sponsored child learn about Jesus?
We work in a wide range of contexts and communities, from those where Christians are free to express their faith, to others where they face imprisonment or even death for speaking about Christianity. World Vision practices and communicates its faith in ways that are sensitive and appropriate for the audience and the cultural context in which we work without ever denying our Christian faith.
In communities where Christianity is welcome, we are able to partner with local churches. In communities where Christianity is restricted, we are able to share the message of Christ on a relational level. Wherever World Vision works, we identify ourselves as representing a Christian organization.
Often, sponsored children and their families, after being touched by the love and care of World Vision staff, have asked questions about our faith; many have come to share it. Our role in the kingdom is to be faithful to His command to serve the poor, and World Vision believes that only God can change hearts.
6. What makes a child eligible for sponsorship? How are children chosen for sponsorship?

Sponsorship is a program that the whole family decides to participate in. World Vision workers meet with community representatives and present the sponsorship program. These representatives then present this opportunity to the families in their area.

The families are informed that not only their children will benefit from this program, but that benefits will be shared throughout the community.

7. How long is my commitment? When do children "graduate" from the sponsorship program?
Your sponsorship may last several years, depending on the needs of your sponsored child.
The goal of World Vision sponsorship is to help your sponsored child and his or her community to break the cycle of poverty so they can step into the future with hope. Throughout our approximately 15-year involvement in communities, we manage, monitor, and evaluate progress toward the community’s goals.
When these goals are met, World Vision can move on to other communities to serve other children in need of help.
8. What do I receive when I sponsor a child?
About 10 days after you sponsor a child, you'll receive a Welcome Kit in the mail with your child's photo and more information about sponsorship. Within 6 to 12 weeks, be looking in the mail for your first letter from your sponsored child. You can email and write back!
Every year, you'll also receive an annual progress report with a new photo of your sponsored child and details about the progress that your child is making, as well as a newsletter of accomplishments in his or her community.
9. If I sponsor today, when will my child be notified of my sponsorship?

It depends upon many variables, such as staffing availability and location of the child to our offices. However, you should receive a letter from your child within the next 2-3 months.


10. How can I correspond with and even visit my sponsored child?
The relationship you build with your sponsored child changes both their life and yours. You can email your child at my.worldvision.org or find out there how to send letters and cards.
You may also choose to visit your sponsored child for a life-changing adventure neither of you will forget. Please note that due to the time involved, we need to begin planning a visit at least three months in advance of your proposed visit date. Find out more at my.worldvision.org.



Karen Flessand

Child Sponsor

Visited her sponsored child in Senegal.

“Often people ask me, ‘How do you know there’s a real child there?’ Well, that’s easy for me to answer. I’ve met her!”

Pratumthip Malatui

Mother of Sponsored Child

“I felt stressed, hopeless, and worried about my two sons’ education before World Vision came to my life…The piglet gives me hope; I can continue to send my boy to school. I think I can live and overcome all the struggles.”

Anne Hicks

Family Sponsors Five Children

“World Vision’s program in particular isn’t just helping the child, but it’s really helping the entire community become sustainable. And I think that’s wonderful.”

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