Run or walk the Global 6k for clean water. May 6, 2017. ©World Vision

Join Team World Vision — walk or run 6K for clean water

The iconic New Year’s resolution is exercising more — it might be to lose weight, get in shape, or get healthy. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or exercise isn’t your thing, World Vision’s Global 6K for Water is for you. It’s not about running. It’s about uniting people around the world on the same day for the same cause: clean water.

Six kilometers, a little more than 3.7 miles, is the average distance people in the developing world walk for water — water that is often contaminated with life-threatening diseases. On Saturday, May 6, 2017, people from around the world (hopefully you too!) will walk or run a 6K for clean water.

Need a bit more convincing that this is for you? Here are 10 transformative benefits of joining Team World Vision:

  1. Setting tangible goals that you can achieve
  2. Developing a healthy habit of exercise that sticks
  3. Keeping yourself accountable by sharing your story
  4. Growing in your faith through perseverance
  5. Being more productive and creative
  6. Discovering the joy of running (Don’t believe us? Daniel hated running when he first started, but he honestly loves it now.)
  7. Gaining a greater sense of purpose
  8. Connecting with other runners and forging long-lasting friendships
  9. Cultivating gratitude
  10. Achieving success, which breeds more success

Let us help you get healthy, stay motivated, and transform your life.


Want to participate? Click here to register for the 6K.

Your $50 registration goes to World Vision’s water initiatives. You’ll receive a World Vision Global 6K for Water T-shirt, race bib, and medal in the mail. Map out a route in your neighborhood or attend a larger gathering at a host site. Then walk or run with your friends and family on Saturday, May 6, 2017, and post your photos on social media with the hashtag #6KforWater!


Want to engage your community for good? Learn more about becoming a host site for the 6K.

Hosting a 6K increases your impact and brings people together in your church, school, company, or family. We’ll equip you with everything you need from planning timelines to signage to music playlists.

World Vision is the leading provider of clean water in the developing world, reaching a new person every 10 seconds with clean water.

World Vision is the leading provider of clean water in the developing world, reaching a new person every 30 seconds with clean water.

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